Free Printable Diwali Colouring Pages for Kids & Adults

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights and to mark the occasion we have put together some free printable coloring pages for you and the kids.

Kids of all ages can have so much fun celebrating Diwali and getting creative with this set of lovely detailed colouring pages. Our printable Diwali coloring book includes coloring pictures of earthen lamps, oil lamps, candles, clay lamps, fireworks and the Hindu Om sign. 

Print them out and decorate to make your own Diwali cards for friends, family and loved ones. 

Happy Diwali Free Printable Diwali Colouring Pages for kids and adults

Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated in autumn, usually in October or November. It is one of the most significant festivals of India and Nepal, with different significance to various Indian communities. In the Indian state of Gujarat, Diwali is known as Deepavali and it’s one of the most important festivals celebrated by Hindus.

The festival of Diwali has its roots in an ancient story about Lord Rama. Diwali celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over evil. The story goes that Lord Rama returned home after 14 years, at the end of which he defeated Ravana. On account of this victory, he was crowned king and his people rejoiced for ten days with lights, fireworks, music, dancing, and feasting.

This is a celebration of peace and prosperity. It’s also a chance to reward hard work by giving thanks for all that life has given us. 

The day after Diwali is called Narak Chaturdashi and its significance varies depending on which region you live in.

It’s important to note that there isn’t just one day that is celebrated as Diwali. It’s actually observed for five days, starting on the thirteenth day of the Hindu lunar month called Kartika. The festival lasts until the fifteenth day of Kartika. Different regions celebrate in different ways, but it usually involves family members gathering together to light lamps or candles that symbolize knowledge and enlightenment. The festival also incorporates other symbols like fireworks, an enormous amount of food, decoration with color, bells ringing, and much more!

Diwali is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘row of lamps’; it celebrates good over evil through firecrackers and lights. For many, it’s also a time to reconnect with family members and loved ones. This festival welcomes prosperity for the coming year, so people buy new clothes and decorations. 

If you would like more detail on the Diwali story, here’s a quick child friendly run through the story of Rama and Sita from activity village. 

Diwali Colouring Pages for Kids

Here are each of the pictures from our Diwali Colouring Book Pages and you can download them all in one convenient PDF file at the end of this blog post. 

Get the kids to decorate these adorable Diwali coloring pages using crayons, paints, felt tip pens and markers, glitter, gems and jewels, stickers or even coloured sand. Children can make each one really unique in their own fun way. 

family Diwali celebration

These Diwali pictures can be used as templates for all kinds of beautiful Diwali crafts for kids. 

Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a Diwali Lamp Printable
Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a Diwali Candle Printable
Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a Diwali Oil Lamp Printable
Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a Diwali Light Printable
Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a Diwali Fireworks Rocket picture Printable
Happy Diwali Coloring Page with Hindu Om symbol

Detailed Diwali Colouring Page for Adults

Here is a detailed adult colouring page with a beautiful Diwali lamp. This will also suit older kids who are looking for free coloring pages that are a little more advanced and mature. 

Happy Diwali Coloring Page with a detailed Diwali lamp picture. Adult coloring pages for Diwali

Diwali Match Up Pictures Worksheet

Free Printable Diwali Worksheets Activity Pages with matching activity, labelling activity and Diwali coloring

This is a Diwali themed worksheet with activity pages including a matching activity, labelling activity and copy coloring. 

Here are all three pages of the worksheet and you can download them all in one convenient PDF file at the end of this blog post. 

The various things that this match up activity printable pack includes are…

(page 1) Laddu, Chakra, Gift and Ganesha 

(page 2) Henna (mehndi) , Firework, Lotus and Decoration

Diwali Match Up activity page worksheet
match up the Diwali pictures activity page printable
Diwali words and vocabulary labelling

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Free Printable Diwali Coloring Pages for Kids to Celebrate the festival of Lights and use as templates for kids Diwali Crafts

PDF File downloads

Use the download links below each PDF file preview for your free instant digital download of each of these Diwali printable pages 

Kids Diwali Colouring Pages Pack

Detailed Diwali Lamp Coloring Page

Diwali Activity Pages Diwali Vocab Worksheets

More Diwali Activities for Kids

Want to keep the kids busy crafting for Diwali? Try some of these fun firework crafts, or design your own Mehndi patterns with the activities in our blog posts below.

Click the title to go through to each of the blog posts for the full activity.

Happy Diwali! We hope you enjoyed these free Diwali coloring sheets! 

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