Arabic Alphabet Craft : Decorating Candles

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on the boys Arabic at home. They are still at a beginner level so activities focusing on the alphabet are ideal for them. Like most children, working with different materials always helps to grab my boys interests and keep them engaged with what they are learning so I decided to use some packs of craft candles to create Arabic alphabet candles with the boys.

Arabic alphabet candles kids activity -

These are the materials we used: (click through the links to go to the product pages on Baker Ross)

Egg Shaped candles from Baker Ross – The shape of these is perfect as they are quite wide, and even wider at the bottom so they are pretty stable for kids to work with and they stand up well

PicTixx Candles Pens – It’s the first time we tried these. They are so easy to use, even for young children. It’s a great tool to have!

candle decorating supplies

In each pack of candle eggs you get 30 (3 boxes of 10) so that is plenty to make the alphabet, either in Arabic or English whichever you feel would be better for your kids! We did do a couple of English ones too and Mr Z decided to do lower case on one side and upper case on the other side. Of course with Arabic we could not do that as there is no lower and upper case.


All the boys enjoyed using the candle pens for this Arabic alphabet craft as it’s a different medium. It was something new and exciting to them. It was fine even for Mr R, but I would advise you to definitely give them full supervision throughout the activity especially for younger kids.


With 5 pens and lots of candles in the pack there is plenty to go around so this can be done by all the children together, without anyone needing to wait around for the candle pens.


The wax from the candle pens will take a little while to dry, so be aware that if little ones start playing around with them too much before that they may smudge. Once we had created the letters and allowed them to dry, the boys enjoyed looking at each one and then moving them around to make some simple words or create their names. For the younger boys they can’t make any words yet but it’s a great opportunity to familiarise them with the letter shapes, letter sounds and the letter names.

learning arabic alphabet
making Arabic letter candles

Later on, we took some candles to spell out “noor” (light) and lit those ones. We will light some more words up too. Obviously that’s not a job for the kids as they are too young. They used them more like building blocks to make up words, playing with them unlit.

They really enjoyed the activity and it helped them focus on learning their letters, whereas they don’t always show so much enthusiasm just with a paper and pen.

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  1. The Mothers say – What a fabulous idea and such a good way to get your little ones to learn. Definitely one of our favourite #minicreations this week πŸ™‚


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