4 Benefits of Collagen Supplements 

When it comes to the umbrella term anti-ageing, it never fails to catch our attention within the beauty industry, from product descriptions to advertisements.

There are many claims and ways to try to look your youthful best. The use of supplements as we get older is common, whether it’s to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals or to build muscle.

When it comes to anti-ageing supplements, many people turn to various solutions, one of which is the idea of collagen supplements to maintain the body’s level of collagen, which naturally decreases as we age.

Collagen is a structural protein in our bodies that is powered by amino acids.

It is the key component in our bodies that is responsible for the maintenance of proteins in our muscles, bones, skin, hair, tendons, and ligaments.

Therefore collagen supplements come into play to keep an efficient level of collagen in our bodies where the extra collagen can assist in making up for what is naturally lost.

With celebrities like Amanda Holden jumping onto the collagen supplement bandwagon, it may be a beauty trend that’s worth trying out for yourself!  

1. Anti-Ageing Properties

As collagen levels naturally decrease as we age, collagen supplements are used to provide a more youthful complexion.

The skin is a big factor in anti-ageing and the decrease of collagen can reflect in our facial features, whether that’s a reduction of our skin elasticity or through fine lines and wrinkles.

With glycine and proline mainly incorporated in the unique formula of collagen supplements it’s big advantage is mimicking a more youthful skin complexion.

Due to glycine and proline naturally being responsible for our skin’s elasticity, the consumption of a sachet of flavoured daily collagen supplements can lead to strengthening and firmness of the skin.

Changing the skin’s elasticity to become tighter and thicker just like those youthful days!

Collagen supplements can also include many other benefits to the body, with the involvement of Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, the most plentiful collagen in our bodies, it also includes elements like hyaluronic acid which improves skin hydration and aloe vera which works as an anti inflammatory for dry skin. 

2. Muscle Growth and Recovery 

As we all know protein is an essential component of our diet, due to it helping to maintain tissue and muscle growth.

With proteins come amino acids which are ultimately the building blocks of muscle growth and given that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body.

It’s no surprise that increasing our collagen intake could aid in muscle building.

With in involvement Arginine and Glycine being two amino acids naturally found in collagen, ultimately there are two components that create Creatine.

Creatine is stored in our skeletal muscle and used by our bodies when we exercise. Its primary function is to assist us in maintaining a constant supply of energy and therefore is directed directly to our working muscles to keep our energy levels up.

This energy level is a vital component in exercise as well as energy in aiding muscle growth.

With unique formulas out there specifically formulated for superior results as a result of 8,500 Mg of Hydrolysed Collagen a day, in the form of a delicious flavoured sachet or tablet. 

3. Get efficient amount of Vitamins and Minerals 

 As we go through life our bodies can experience an imbalancement of either micronutrients, vitamins and therefore deficiencies can come into play.

With the daily amount of fruit or veg dependent on our everyday diet it can be tricky to consume the right amount daily.

However it is vital to our bodies to regenerate and therefore provide it with the right amount of fuel to keep our bodies as there best.

The involvement of daily supplements to help aid this is a common thing, whether that’s Omega- 3 tablets, vitamin C tablets, vitamin D tablets in the winter – you name it there are many variables for deficiencies.

Collagen supplements, as well as helping aid muscle growth, skin elasticity, also contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D as well as vitamin B6 and B12 all in one tropical drink. 

4. Strengthens Hair and Nail Follicles 

As collagen can help our muscle growth the involvement of Keratin is the source thats reliant on our hair and nail growth and strength.

If you’re seeking a solution to brittle hair and nails the suggestion of adding a collagen supplement to your daily beauty routine may be a suggestion worth listening to.

With both proteins being reliant on amino acid proline for a healthy growth, and collagen supplements providing just that with Hydrolysed Keratin, it can be a valid solution to strengthening your body as we age to live your best and healthiest lifestyle.

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