Fun and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids and the Mon Bento Lunch Box

It can get so boring packing the same old things into kids lunch boxes each week, especially when you have a picky eater which can limit your choices.

Mixing things up with fun presentation can not only help your kids to feel more excited and enthusiastic about their lunches, but sometimes even encourage them to try something new and eat more healthily.

Here are some of my favourite fun and healthy lunch ideas for kids that can liven up lunch time.

25 Fun and healthy lunch ideas that are ideal for Bento Boxes


  1. Tortoise Themed Lunch
  2. Space Themed Lunch Ideas
  3. Number Themed Lunches
  4. TMNT Lunch
  5. Pac Man Lunch
  6. Butterfly Lunch Ideas
  7. Disney Frozen Olaf Lunch
  8. Baby Bel Cheese Monsters
  9. Use Pop Chef to create fun shaped sandwiches and fruits
  10. Tex-Mex Mayhem Wrap

What if your kids don’t love sandwiches? Here are some healthy and tasty non sandwich lunch ideas to fill up your kids Bento box.

Healthy and yummy non sandwich lunchbox ideas for all the family

  1. Tuna Pasta Salad
  2. One Pan Mexican Rice
  3. 31 Ryvita Lunch Ideas
  4. Frozen Banana Penguins
  5. Silly Star Pasta Salad
  6. Pizza Rolls
  7. Cracker Sandwiches
  8. Puff Pastry Pizza
  9. Shaped Rotis
  10. Frushi (Fruit Sushi)

And here are a few recipes for easy to make home made treats for the lunch box:

home made treats for your child's lunch box

  1. Easy Jam Tarts to Make With Kids
  2. Elderflower Flapjack Oat Bars
  3. Easy Decorated Biscuits
  4. Sugar Free Apple Biscuit Recipe
  5. Elderflower Fairy Cakes

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Using a Bento style lunch box can help to fit in different types of food, and save lunch time from being boring. I have been using a kids Bento box from Mon Bento for Mr R for the past few months and the format of the lunch box makes it easy to include non sandwich lunches like rice, pasta or salads along with separate boxes to include portions of fruit and veg.

IMG_1739The top of the kids Mon Bento box includes a circle design which can be switched and changed to add variety to the look of the lunch box too (as you can see we have the owl) You get these all included with the bento box.

Inside the box are two compartments for fruit, veg, snacks or small portions of food on the upper layer.

IMG_1738These rest on a shelf that separates them from the larger bottom compartment where you can send in larger portions of rice, pasta, salads or place your child’s sandwiches in this section.

IMG_1733The lid then clips in place firmly to keep all of the lunch in place and prevent things moving around within the lunch box.

Mon Bento lunch boxes can be delivered to 50 countries and the kids lunch boxes are available in  Blueberry, Banana, Kiwi or Raspberry colour schemes. (Our box is Kiwi as seen in the pictures). A kids box is €19.95 (15.60 GBP)

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Lunch box provided for review from Mon Bento

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