How to make Lego Sandwiches for Kids Parties

My kids are obsessed with Lego. Most kids are – so if you’re planning party food it’s a pretty sure bet that these Lego sandwiches would be a hit! These can be adapted to whatever filling you prefer, and are simple to make.

Everyone loves Lego themed food, so a little effort for these sandwiches will definitely impress.

How to make Lego sandwiches. Super easy and cute idea for a Lego party


These are pretty flexible, as I mentioned this is a versatile idea but here’s how our contributor made these for her kids.

  • 10 slices whole wheat bread (or any variety you prefer)
  • Peanut butter (Contributor used JIF whips to make it spread easier)
  • Jelly (Jam for UK readers! – Strawberry is used here)

1.  Make 4 PBJ sandwiches (or whichever filling you prefer)
2.  Using a sharp knife, cut off the crusts of each sandwich.
3.  Cut the remaining sandwich into a rectangular shape. Depending on the size of your bread you might be able to get 2 shapes out of your sandwich.
4.  With the extra 2 remaining pieces of bread, cut out circular shapes with a fondant cutter or the back of an icing tip.
5.  Attach 6 circular shapes on top of each sandwich with a dab of peanut butter to resemble a Lego brick.
6.   ENJOY!

For step 5, you can use other sandwich spreads of your choice to attach the lego brick pieces for a nut-free option.

How to make Lego sandwiches. Super easy and cute idea for a Lego party

If your kids like these, I bet they would also like these Lego brownies

Lego Brownies

Both of these are super easy ways to make food for a Lego party.

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