Kids Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake can add fun to any occasion. At birthdays and Eid my boys always look forward to celebrating with cake and they remember all the exciting cakes we have had in the past. Here are some great kids cake decorating ideas for many themes and occasions.

Make sure to check back to this page (or pin it for reference) as we’ll be adding more kids cake decorating ideas often!

Kids cake decorating ideas - cakes for many themes and occasions, pirate cakes, spiderman cakes, birthday cakes, no bake train cake and more! 100+ cakes for kids!

Click through each of the links below for details. The links marked with a * include multiple cakes on that theme, and the ones without the * are single cakes or ideas.

Frozen Cake Ideas*

Spiderman Cake Ideas *

Pirate Cake Ideas *

Fire Truck Cake Ideas*

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas *(rainbow cakes, boys cakes and girls cakes)

Easy Birthday Cake Recipes *

New Years Eve Party Cake Ideas

No Bake Train Cake

Elderflower fairy cakes

Beach Themed Seaside Cake

Mr Men Themed Kids Baking Recipe Printables *

Numbers Chocolate Cake

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

Cupcake Decorating Class

Personalised Birthday Cakes

What’s your favourite theme for kids cakes? Let me know and I can try to add a post for that theme soon!

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Image: Colorful sweets for kids birthday party celebration – Shutterstock (modified)


  1. Angela Turton

    I can’t wait to try some of these ideas – keeps the little ones busy and we get a tasty treat afterwards too 🙂


  2. Barbara Handley

    My granddaughters like baking and decorating cakes and their brothers like eating them! This should give us all some new ideas to try.


  3. Linda F McGarrigle

    Some great idea in there thanks x I have always been pretty rubbish at decorating the cakes x


  4. Gill Mitchell

    Some brilliant ideas here, I will be bookmarking this ready for my son’s birthday 😀


  5. kayleigh white

    I shouldn’t look at these!!!! They look totally divine!


  6. tara watkins

    These ideas are fab will definitely have to try them 🙂


  7. Dawn Henson

    They look so tasty. I am going to try some of these!!


  8. alex

    Oh wow, I really want to try some of these out 🙂


  9. caroline tokes

    i love these ideas deff going to try some with my son as helper


  10. James Travis

    Great ideas


  11. Kerry Charlesworth

    These look fantastic! definitely will try these!


  12. Emily Stone

    These ideas are great! I would be just as excited at the kids seeing these.


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