Christmas Puzzles from Wentworth

One of the most relaxing things I love to do over the Christmas season is to chill out at home with a jigsaw puzzle, some hot chocolate or a mince pie, the family all around and the Christmas tree lights sparkling away in the background. Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift playing on repeat, and me living my best festive life. 

The Christmas puzzle is an essential part of this scenario, and this year I have already got started with a gorgeous festive puzzle from Wentworth puzzles.

Holiday Shop is one of the traditional Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles from Wentworth Puzzles and comes in sizes from 40pieces starting at £7.50, all the way up to a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. 

Wentworth puzzles holiday shop wooden traditional jigsaw puzzle

This picture is a classic holiday scene with lots of little details to spot while you’re putting the shop front image together. It is a beautiful traditional Christmas display shop front filled with enchanting toys and decorations and is a fun puzzle for kids or adults.

Wentworth puzzles holiday shop wooden traditional jigsaw puzzle whimsy pieces

All of the Wentworth puzzles have a distinctive and very cool feature – the whimsy pieces. These are special shaped pieces that slot in with the rest of the jigsaw puzzle. When you first open the box and sort through the pieces it’s lots of fun to spot these whimsy pieces and see which shapes you have included. The shapes always link up to the theme of the puzzle, so because this is a Christmas themed puzzle we found some whimsy pieces including snowflake, bell, Christmas tree, present and more.

Wentworth puzzles holiday shop wooden traditional jigsaw puzzle christmas whimsy pieces

We also tried out one of the Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles – Stevie the Hedgehog is so adorable. This puzzle comes in one size, with 15 pieces and is available for £9.95

Just like the adult wooden puzzles from Wentworth, the quality of the children’s jigsaw puzzles is really nice, and feels luxurious.

children's hedgehog puzzle wooden Wentworth puzzle

Stevie the Hedgehog comes beautifully packed in a box which looks like a little Christmas present – so cute! And then you have the drawstring net bag with all of the pieces inside for safe storage. 

children's hedgehog puzzle wooden Wentworth puzzle

Just like with the grown ups Jigsaw puzzles, the children’s puzzles like Stevie the Hedgehog have special shaped whimsy pieces inside and it is so adorable!

N loved these special pieces. I’m sure you can spot some of them among the pieces below. 

children's hedgehog puzzle wooden Wentworth puzzle pieces

And also here as the puzzle progresses with the Santa piece and snowman piece in the middle of Stevie’s face and body. 

children's hedgehog puzzle wooden Wentworth puzzle with whimsy pieces Santa and snowman

The quality of all of the Wentworth jigsaw puzzles is brilliant and they are a pleasure to put together. For puzzle lovers, any of the gorgeous puzzles from Wentworth’s range would make a lovely Christmas gift. You can check out all of their Christmas puzzles selection here. There are so many beautiful festive images that I would love to complete!

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