New Year’s Eve Cake and Desserts Ideas for your Party 2022

With the year nearly coming to an end, and the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate seeing out the old and welcoming in the new. No celebration is complete without cake!

As you may know, we love to share kids cake decorating ideas here at In The Playroom but here are some ideas for party cakes for New Year’s Eve, that will suit all ages.

Whether you’re planning a small or large party, we’ve got you covered with our best New Year’s Eve cake and dessert recipes, tips and ideas.

There are a couple of new years biscuits recipes and other New Years Eve dessert ideas too.

As the year 2021 comes to a close, we look forward to all the things that we have to look forward to in the new year.

The past couple of years have not been easy for any of us. Let’s grab the chances to celebrate when we can, and let’s hope that 2022 brings us all some good luck.

New Years eve desserts and New Years eve cake ideas for a new years eve party

What do you do on New Year’s Eve? Do you go out and celebrate? Or do you stay in and enjoy the company of family and friends?

Either way, we’ve got a list of some delicious cake and dessert ideas that you can make ahead of time so you’re all set when the clock strikes midnight and everyone starts to arrive.

We’ve put together a roundup of the best new year celebration cakes and split them up by theme to make it easier.

This holiday season, you’re going to want to serve the sweetest of desserts. And if you’re hosting a party, then we’re here to help you with our latest dessert roundup. From decadent chocolate layer cakes to delectable mini cupcakes, we’ve got a variety of dessert ideas that will leave everyone talking.

To get the recipes or instructions and detailed step by step tutorial for each idea, just click through the links to see more.

Here are some great New Year’s Eve desserts that are sure to please any foodie at any age.

2022 written in sparkler

New Years Eve Cakes, Biscuits and Treats

Whether wands to make New Year’s Wishes, clocks to count down or cakes with the new year on it – these treats are perfect for bringing in the new year in a sweet style.

Get ready with your edible glitter, gold sprinkles and Champagne buttercream – it’s time to party and celebrate in style!

We hope you enjoy these cake ideas and get some inspiration for your new year’s eve party.

Clock cakes for new years eve party

Elderflower Wand Biscuits at In The Playroom

These star shaped wand biscuits are perfect for your new year wishes, and will be popular with the kids at your New Year’s Eve party.

Make a wish for good things and prosperity for the year to come! Remember, click through each link for the easy recipe to all of these ideas that we are sharing in this post.

wishing wand cookies for new year

New Years Eve Clock Cake at Casarella

What better way to celebrate this special night than with New Year’s Eve countdown cupcakes? This delicious cake idea is such a fun way to make a New Year’s Eve cake design – and so easy too!

new year count down cake

Cupcake Clock at A Silver Nutmeg Blog

This is another twist on the countdown clock idea, this time using Roman numerals for a sophisticated look. This New Years cake is an elegant dessert that is still a lot of fun for all ages. Get ready co count down to the stroke of midnight!

New Years eve count down clock cake

Another easy option is to buy clock cake toppers. You can buy these cheaply on Amazon (affiliate links) and place on top of the cake, whether you buy pre-made plain cupcakes, use a box mix or bake cupcakes from scratch.

New Year 2022 Clock Cupcake Toppers - PRE-Cut - New Year's Eve Cake Decorations - Edible Wafer - 4cm x 24

New Year’s Eve Champagne Cupcakes from Wishes n Dishes

These beautiful cupcakes with gold sprinkles will look gorgeous on your New Year’s Eve party table

gold sprinkle champagne cupcakes

Try this yummy pink Champagne cake from Made with Pink. This is a special cake that’s perfect for this occasion.

pink champagne cake

Party Cakes, Biscuits and Treats

Colourful, Sparkly, fun, and perfect for all kinds of celebrations. These ideas will add more colour and life to your New Year’s Eve party.

party desserts for new years eve

Edible Party Horn at Hungry Happenings

This fun and colourful treat is perfect for special occasions and will be a huge hit with kids.

edible party horn

Cupcakes in Champagne Flutes from Home Cooking Memories

You can give any cupcakes the celebration treatment by serving in champagne glasses, to add a sense of occasion and glamour.

champagne glass cakes

Surprise Pinata Cake from In The Playroom

As far as kids are concerned, piñata cake is such a cool cake. Filled with candy and sweets, it is a lot of fun and the rest of the cake tastes great too.

piñata cake

(if you want to make a real piñata to go along with this piñata cake for your party here is how)

Gold Glitter Cake Pops at the Cookie Rookie

Cake pops are a great choice for parties as they’re so easy to grab and don’t need to be sliced.

gold glitter cake  pops

Gold Glitter Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos at I Love my Disorganised Life

Who doesn’t love Oreos? These ones are dressed up their best ready to see in the coming year

gold glitter oreos

Fireworks Cakes, Biscuits and Treats

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate the new year, and since I love Fireworks so much – really I’m happy to have any excuse to watch more Fireworks! Here are some yummy fireworks themed treats to add to your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

fireworks cakes and cookies for new years eve

These fireworks dessert ideas also work really well for 4th July and other celebrations, maybe you would like to switch up the color schemes for New Year’s – great colors to focus on are gold and silver, also black.

Fireworks cookies from Nurture Store

Sparkler Cake from Pizzazzerie

Fireworks inspired Cupcakes from Ashlee Marie

Edible Sparklers from Mum in the Mad House

If you want some fun activities to go along with the treats then why not try these Firework activities or download our Fireworks coloring pages, these are free printables for your kids to enjoy

And check out all of our New Year’s Eve activities and crafts for kids

Bookmark or pin these 31 healthier lunch ideas for later, so that you can get off on the right track straight away when the new year roles in!


We hope you enjoyed this list of ideas for the best New Year’s Eve cake recipes for your party 2022. Start planning for a great NYE party for your friends and family.

Feel free to share this blog post with them so that everyone can enjoy these treats.

Don’t forget to pin these cake ideas for a new years eve party too before you go too!

Gorgeous cake ideas for a new years eve party

We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy and prosperous New Year. Wishing all of you a healthy and happy new year for 2022!

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