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We love Fireworks night! With Mr T being in hospital recently we weren’t able to take the kids to a display this weekend (although hopefully the coming weekend we can!). Luckily, our next door neighbours had a display in their back garden last night which the boys were able to watch from their window so they haven’t totally missed out. Fireworks are one of the best parts of Autumn for me. Mr Z obviously feels the same, as watching the fireworks from the window he said they were “awesome epic wow” – which is quite a compliment 😀 As well as watching Fireworks, we could have lots of fun with Fireworks craftsfireworkstext

As well as watching Fireworks, sparklers, eating toffee apples, and wrapping up outside in warm hats and gloves; Bonfire and Firework Night crafts have to be an essential part of a British childhood in Autumn! Halloween is fun, but as far as I’m concerned – Fireworks night is the best!

Here are some of our Bonfire and Fireworks craft ideas:
fireworks craft ideas 3d bonfire picture3D Bonfire picture: Very simple – Craft Maize (its this stuff if you’re not sure) for logs for the bonfire then ripped up firey colour tissues, with glitter, stars and sparkle for a bit of extra Bonfire Night magic. This can be done even by quite young toddlers, if you guide them roughly where to stick things and could be made really intricate and cool by an older child.
fireworks craft ideasBlack Paper and Chalk: An even simpler idea. Black paper for the night sky, and chalk for the splashes of colour zinging and zapping out from the fire works! Chalk shows up very strongly on the black so can be quite effective. Mr R (2) loved scribbling with the chalk, and the good thing is that any shapes and designs could work as fireworks really!

Paint and Glitter: For young children, simply shaking some glitter into their paint will give a more sparkley and firey effect to their painting, helping their Firework paintings to look more effective. Mr Z painted the whole sky dark blue and then added some dashes of glittery paint.

boys fireworks crafts ideaYou can also do a chalk silhouette of the roof tops and then add the glitter and paint fireworks in the sky above.

With young children, sometimes it works best just to gather a range of suitable supplies and let them get on with it, rather than a very structured craft (depending on the child – my boys like their artistic freedom!)

So here’s some ideas of materials perfect for Bonfire and Fireworks Night themed crafts and pictures:

  • Black Paper
  • Chalk
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Glitter Glue
  • Coloured Tissues: Reds, Oranges, Browns and Yellows for fire. Any colours for Fireworks!
  • Maize, or real Twigs from the garden to make a bonfire
  • Autumn leaves to add an outdoors effect
  • Silver and gold card
  • Tin foil or shiny metallic sweet wrappers
  • Sequins
  • Silver, gold or coloured stars – sequin stars or star stickers
  • Tinsell
  • Coloured streamers

For some other Bonfire and Fireworks ideas and resources Have a look at:



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Find out more about the history and background of Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night 

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If you have found any other great Fireworks crafts ideas or would like to share your own, please post them in the comments!

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