Win Star Wars Command Bundle featuring more than 90 different figures and vehicles

I have an exciting giveaway to share with you today. One In The Playroom reader will win a huge Star Wars Command Bundle feature over 90 different figures and vehicles, worth around £100 RRP.

The new Star Wars Command line lets kids finally take command of the greatest battles in Star Wars history! Kids can pit huge armies of collectible-sized figures and vehicles against each other to determine the fate of the galaxy! Combining classic army play with collectability and innovative action features, Star WarsCommand puts control of the Star Wars saga in kids’ hands like never before!


Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon Set

star wars command millennium falcon setTake control of one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe, the Millennium Falcon, and launch it into battle! The Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon set comes with 24 permanently posed and collectible-sized figures which includes 22 soldiers and two specially detailed Generals—plus six vehicles on stands and two special Strikers that kids can rev-up and release!

Star wars command millennium falcon set

Also included in the bundle is:

Star Wars Command Epic Assault

star wars command epic assault

Star Wars Command Sandtrooper Strike

star wars command sand trooper strike

Star Wars Command Death-Star Strike

star wars command death star strike

Star Wars Command Final Battle

starwars command the final battle

Each of the sets come with display stands, so you can proudly display your Star Wars collection, or play with the figurines. Each of the figures is quite small, so they are recommended for age 4+.

IMG_6055My 5 year old really loved these, and has been having lots of fun arranging them and making up his own Star Wars stories. Although they are small, the figures and vehicles are not too delicate and they should be able to withstand lots of play.



For your chance to win a selection of these Star Wars Command toys, enter via the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Star Wars

For full terms and conditions see inside the Gleam widget above. Giveaway ends 23:59 20/04/2015

136 thoughts on “Win Star Wars Command Bundle featuring more than 90 different figures and vehicles”

  1. I always enjoyed watching it with my son. I just wish we had not given away all his Star Wars toys. My son now watches the films with his son.

  2. My autistic grandson loves anything with little figures so he can play long games with them and film them, making up his own stories. Star Wars is a great love of his.

  3. Star Wars fans after seeing the very first film “A long time ago in a cinema far, far away” our kids loved playing with the original toys and now our grandchildren love the new version – the joy of the story and toys continue………

  4. With a Star Wars mad husband my little girl has no choice! At 21 months she already loves the trailer for the new film.

  5. My husband is so much so that he chose the name Lucas for our son as its made by Lucas Film x my son Lucas now loves the moves too x

  6. We love Star Wars especially the earlier ones, i nicknamed my son chewbacca whilst i was pregnant, but lucky for him i called him somehting else when he was born lol 🙂

  7. My son is almost 5 and is a massive star wars fan its all very new to me as i had girly girls until my little man came along

  8. My 9 year old grandson saved all his Birthday / Christmas / Pocket Money for the last three years to buy the Death Star 🙂

  9. My son is a big fan, he prefers the later Star Wars movies, the Clone Wars cartoons dvd and of course he loves the toys and figures.

  10. My Parents are starwars mad!and so are me and my hubby and the kids!we always make star wars themed cakes and parties!!This is a real dream prize for Star wars Fans,so i’ll keep my Light sabres crossed!Thanks for all your lovely blogs and giveaways!XX

  11. I’m a huge Star Wars fan now, but it was my brother who adored them when we were little. I don’t know if his daughters are fans of them or not, but they’ve just moved in with my mum because my brother is having some difficulties right now, so a present like this might help them feel at home there – they can see the childhood photographs of him with his Star Wars collection, and it would help them feel connected with him even though he can’t be there with them.

  12. we are all star wars fans 🙂 if i won im not sure who would try and steal the prize first, my nephew, his son, my nieces, my sister or maybe I’d just hide it and not tell them and keep it myself lol
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  13. In our house, we all love Star Wars, my hubby just bought a talking Yoda, now walks around the house only talking like Yoda, I still love Star Wars but that little green dude is beginning to get on my nerves. Dominic adores Star Wars and would love this prize, I’d say to my hubby, you can’t play with it unless you stop Yodarising a phrase I coined!

  14. We are all huge fans of Star Wars. My little boy (3) loves Yoda and my husband collects Star Wars Lego. They would love this!


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