Duck Tape Easter Eggs Craft

We love crafting with duck tape, it’s so simple but can give great results. My boys all enjoy cutting and sticking with tape, especially T (5) who is always really fascinated with this, so it’s fun for them to try using tape to make different pictures and designs.

Since Duck tape is waterproof, you can use these eggs outdoors in Easter egg hunts – maybe by writing clues on the back and then sealing that side with contact paper (Sticky back plastic). We also used them to practice ordering by size.



To make these duck tape Easter eggs you will need:

  • Paper or card
  • Duck tape in different colours and patterns
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or pen

We were sent a selection of fun Spring time Duck tape designs and we used these to make the eggs.

IMG_5656My favourite is the dog patterned one – so cute. Despite all the cool patterns, R’s favourite one was the plain black one!

You can buy patterned Duck tape from lots of stores including Amazon (affiliate) Have a browse here UK / US

How to make the Duck tape Easter eggs

This is a really easy activity that will work well for even toddlers, with a little help.

First, draw your egg shapes onto the paper. It doesn’t matter if they are a little rough. They can be all different sizes.

IMG_5653Now just cut different lengths of the tapes, and use them to decorate each egg shape. It doesn’t matter at all if the tape goes over the lines, because you will be cutting out the eggs anyway and whether the lines are stuck neatly, or stuck on in all different directions by your toddler – either way will still give you good results.

sticking down duct tape to make easter eggs


making duck tape easter eggsOnce the whole egg is covered, with no white space (or very few white spaces) then you’re ready to cut out the eggs – and you’re done.

IMG_5723If you do want to use the Easter eggs in an outdoors Easter egg hunt, then you might like our Easter egg hunt clues from last year. Check out these printable Easter egg hunt decorations too.

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