Christmas White Box Photoshoot with Gorgeous Moments Photography

A couple of weeks ago we went along to try out a new kind of photoshoot with our favourite local Photographer, Gorgeous Moments Photography.

The White Box Photoshoot is a new concept which is so simple, but has extremely effective results and I’m really happy with our finished collage.

Firstly – you might be asking What is a White Box Photoshoot?

In a white box photoshoot, the photographer uses a white background to shoot pictures which will then be edited together to create a larger scene. I love the way the results come together, like all of the different scenes happening in the rooms of a house. There is so much going on, and you get the chance to show off lots of personality within the four walls of each white box. 

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Ideas to photograph baby from newborn to six months old

Guest Post from Eve of Eden Photography

Ideas to photograph baby from newborn to six months old

While I’d say it’s definitely worth having your baby’s newborn and older photographs taken by a professional photographer who understands baby posing and lighting, it’s never been so easy to take your own pretty photos. By using your own phone or camera with the use of editing tools / filters for you to play around with can create some lovely shoots. So I thought I’d share some tips and tricks to get some beautiful photographs capturing your baby’s developmental stages, to document each important milestone, from newborn to six months.

When to Take

If you want to take photos to document your baby’s development it might be a good idea to take a photograph, maybe on the same day/date as your baby’s birthday, every month.

Baby at Newborn

In photography babies are classed as newborn if they are under and month old. At this stage newborns are asleep most of the time and curl up tightly so you can get some photos of baby asleep on their side, belly and laying on their front with chin first. It’s also nice to document newborn features for years to come like tiny toes, fingers, eyelashes, curls etc. so take close up shots of these.

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5 Tips for Taking Family Photos with your Pet

Today I have some practical photography tips to share with you all about Incorporating pets into your family photographs. This simple list will give you a run through of some of the most important things to consider before setting out to take photographs with your pets, whether dogs, cats, rabbits or whichever beloved pet lives in your house.

For most households, pets aren’t just animals but are part of the family, so it’s no surprise that many want to get their pets involved with their family photographs. However, it’s not always as easy as that. Any dog or cat owner will attest that getting them to sit still can be a nightmare, and if you’re not careful you’re pet photos may end up like these.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for getting your pets involved in your family photos…

5 tips for taking photos with your pets. Simple practical advice to make sure that you get a good family photo with your pet included!

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Innocent Alphabet Champions. R is for.. Ready for School

We’re happy to be taking part in the Innocent Alphabet Champions challenge and we were selected for the letter R. We’ve been doing lots of things to do with the letter “R” and the boys have been having lots of fun with all the alphabet magnets we received from Innocent. They also love drinking their innocent smoothie cartons, perfect for a lunch box or for an after school drink.

In the playroom innocent magnets

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Photography Tips

A few months ago I took the step to buy a DSLR and although I still have a long way to go in learning to use all of the functions and feeling like I have enough experience with it, I’m really enjoying taking the time to work on my photography and experiment with different ideas in my photographs. Today I’m sharing a collection of tips and practical steps you can take to help improve your photos. When I started taking a few of these little things on board, I noticed a difference straight away!

Practical tips and tricks to help with your photography, whether photographing children, taking photos for your blog, or just in daily life! Shared on

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