Project 52 Week 34

Here are this week’s photos for Project 52

Mr Z

photo 1

Taken yesterday at the 02. We had been to explore the Sky Studios Summer of Sport (full post coming soon, so look out for it!) and afterwards Mr Z was racing around outside. I love the expression he has here and his feet high up off the ground. Shame about the people blocking the background behind! But hey.. you can’t have everything.

Mr T

5234mrtThis was also taken near the O2 while we were waiting for dinner, the only picture from this week’s project 52 taken with a proper camera! The rest are from my Instagram

Mr R

photo-17This was a few days back. Mr R having a little nap in the afternoon. I love to see him snuggled up asleep on the sofa, it’s so cute! I wonder how much longer that will last now that he has turned three.

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Bonus group photo:
This weeks is just Mr T and Mr R – dressed up as bees. We were sent an activity pack from “Maya the Bee” to celebrate National Honey Bee day. Don’t they look so cute?!

Extra bonus shot – Mr R and Mr T in the cable car at the 02


Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

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