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A few months ago I took the step to buy a DSLR and although I still have a long way to go in learning to use all of the functions and feeling like I have enough experience with it, I’m really enjoying taking the time to work on my photography and experiment with different ideas in my photographs. Today I’m sharing a collection of tips and practical steps you can take to help improve your photos. When I started taking a few of these little things on board, I noticed a difference straight away!

Practical tips and tricks to help with your photography, whether photographing children, taking photos for your blog, or just in daily life! Shared on

This is the camera that I bought – The Canon EOS 1100D,(affiliate) which is an entry level DSLR and really not too expensive at all! I would definitely recommend this or something similar to anyone who is thinking about getting a new camera. The difference from a point and shoot is massive, and although some of my friends recommended me to buy a bridge camera as a compromise I was glad I didn’t as I have since bought a different lens for my camera and will be buying more in future to enable me to swap them out as I need different things, and I can sell these lenses and upgrade to something more substantial in future so it’s a really flexible choice.

Whatever camera you have, taking the time to read up on a few photography tips and try something new now and again can often inspire your enthusiasm once again and give some great results!

Earlier in the year I enjoyed taking part in some of the #BetterPhotoProject challenges over at Love All Blogs where a different tip was suggested each week. This was a fun way to try lots of new suggestions!

I also keep my eye out for Photography tips on Pinterest – there’s a wealth of information available!

I’ve recently enjoyed reading about:

children-photo-tip-niiq-norsymHow to keep the best light in the eyes at The Connection We Share

bphotoart-how-photograph-kidsHow to photograph kids by Betsy Finn at Snotty Noses

And Photobox kindly sent me over an article with 9 practical tips for amateur photographers that will really help to make a difference in your final pictures. The second tip about natural light is something I have seen makes a huge difference in my own photos. I will no longer even try to take pictures in the evening in bad light, because I know that they will always turn out so much better in good lighting! All of the Photobox tips are summed up in this infographic but if you click through to the article you will get a little more detail.

Photography tips - simple and practical tips to get better photosAnd finally, just as I was writing this post, another great photography tip dropped into my inbox from Business to Blogger, where Holly and Rachel from Kids Activities blog have made a video to show how they get around the difficulties of photographing in the kitchen so I thought I’d share that with you all too!

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What are your favourite photography tips? If there is anything I’ve missed please add it in the comments so that we can all give it a try!


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