Project 52 Week 32

Here are this week’s Project 52 photos of my beautiful boys; my pride and joys πŸ™‚

Mr R

52311Mr T

52312Mr Z

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Bonus group shot:
If you can’t quite see what the boys are all engrossed in, it’s the new LeapBand from LeapFrog. They are sitting at the top of a tree house in the zoo playing a few games. It was taken earlier today after the launch event. Mr Z’s portrait for this week was also taken after today’s event and I’ll share more with you about this during the week!
I can’t quite remember what the context of Mr Z and Mr T’s shots were for this week. They are both just snapped at home so probably nothing special but when looking through this week’s pictures they jumped out at me because of their personalities shining through in the shot, so I had to chose them!

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