30 weeks in already! Here are this week’s Project 52 photos. All of these were taken in the garden after school during the last couple of days of term. Mr Z is the berry picking ring leader – he loves it and always has done since he was tiny, luckily he always managed to seek out blackberries no matter what tiny gardens we had in the various flats we moved through when he was a toddler. We have a huge blackberry bush now, but there are so many thorns nearby to it. I really need to sort it out, but the boys still have a lot of fun picking and collecting their blackberries. They were having lots of fun with chalk too as you can see from the chalk dust that’s still there on Mr T’s head!

As I was taking a snap of Mr Z and his berries next to one of the sheds at the end of the garden, I quite like the worn out texture of it so I called the others to come and have a picture taken with that backdrop too, and that’s why they are matching today. I like Mr Z’s the most though, because his was more natural – even though you can’t see his full face.

Mr Z


Mr T


Mr R


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This week’s bonus shot is not a group shot, I didn’t have any that were half ways decent (and I did try – I really wanted one to send to one of their favourite aunties) so instead here’s Mr R’s cute little hands counting berries