How To Move Quickly And Easily While Storing Your Belongings

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By Luciana Oliveira

Lose What You No Longer Need 

One of the first steps in packing correctly is to lose what you no longer really need or want. Go through your home with a box or bag and start collecting things that are no longer needed.

Find clothes that are out of style or no longer fit and bring them to a charity store. Look for DVD’s tools, exercise equipment, or general clutter in the house that no longer has a purpose.

This is a perfect opportunity to remove all of the unwanted items for a fresh start in a new home. 

Time For A Spring Cleaning 

You do not want to pack up a storage unit with items that are dirty or moldy. As you make your way through the house and begin boxing items up. ensure they are clean before they are packed away.

It is never a good thing to go back to a storage unit and find that the belongings you packed away have grown into their own life form! 

Label Every Single Box 

Understand that there is going to be a need for a lot of boxes for this process. It is possible to purchase boxes from Verdetrader.

If you want to stay efficient and have an easy way to unpack in your new home, be sure that everything is properly labeled and marked. 

You will want to label the box with specific contents as well as where the box should be placed and unpacked in your new home.

You can also write a manifest for all of your boxes and simply number them via a master list with the contents of every box, if that is an easier system for you. 

Categorize Items 

While throwing everything and anything into a box would speed up the moving process, it will become a huge nightmare to unpack and place in your new home.

The best thing to do is keep similar items together. Keep a box for books, tools, toys, candles…you get the picture. You will have a much better sense of where the box belongs in the home when it features like-minded items. 

Garden Items

Don’t forget your garden items – this may be everything from barbeques to rattan garden furniture to the small items in your shed. Ensure they’re taken apart and packed property. 

Take Apart Furniture 

If your home features a wide assortment of assembled furniture, it might be best to start taking it apart. If you know the make and mode of the furniture, it should be rather easy to find instructions online which will make putting it together rather easy.

If you can not find anything, just take pictures as you dismantle it and do it in reverse when you arrive at your new home. Pack as much into a box as possible and seal it up tightly to save even more space.

You are also going to minimize the chance of scratching or denting your furniture if you are not having to move it through doors and up stairs. 

Create A List Of Inventory 

If you want to be as organized as possible, there is nothing wrong with an inventory list. Create a list of everything that will be placed in your unit, this way you know exactly where to place everything.

Label every single bag and box and place it on your list. When you are ready to unpack you will know exactly what is in every box and where it needs to go. 

Use Of Suitcases 

While boxes are great to store items, there are also some other objects you can use, such as your suitcases. If you will not be traveling anywhere in the near future, use your suitcases for clothing and such. 

Vacuum Seal Bulky Items 

Comforters and blankets are rather bulky and can be a nuisance while trying to move. If you have no plans of donating excess linen items, you may want to vacuum seal them in an effort to save on space. 

Original Boxes For Electronics 

If you have gaming consoles and televisions, it would be wise to transport them in the original box if possible. These will be the perfect size and provide the ultimate in protection.

If you no longer have these boxes, find a box that will fit the device and use blankets and bubble wrap to protect them. Many storage buildings sells boxes that are designed specifically for these fragile items and it is best to take advantage of them. 

Tubs Are Essential 

If you are moving things into storage, you will find food tubs are essential pieces of the puzzle. Items that are small and do not have their own box can be placed into food tubs and sealed shut to keep them together. 

Heavy Items In Small Boxes 

If you have a large number of heavy or bulky items, never place them all into one box. These boxes become quite heavy and unmanageable and you will need all hands on deck to move them.

Buy moving boxes at Verdetrader. It is best to split heavy items up into smaller boxes or something with handles so they can be moved with ease without any risk of injury.

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