Kid Made Printed Gift Bag

Adding home made gift wrap or packaging can make any gift that little bit more special, especially when it’s made by the children.

Giving a bottle of something is always a traditional gift, but since we don’t drink, and maybe it’s not suitable for children to give wine anyway (depending how you feel about it) – We  decorated a gift bag to hold Shloer sparkling white grape juice.

Decorated gift bag with DIY stamper, for Mother's day gift or any special occasionWe used acrylic paints to decorate the bag, and made our own stamper to create the shape.

IMG_5341To make a simple heart shaped stamp, we used a cardboard tube and bent it into the shape of a heart. This is a really quick and easy, and thrifty, way to make paint stamps. You can bend them into all kinds of different shapes. Secure with tape if it’s a more complex shape.

IMG_5342-2Using the happy spring time colours of blue and yellow, the boys stamped some hearts onto the bag to make it a much more special and nicely presented gift.

IMG_5345This would work well for a Mother’s Day gift, for grandparents or really for any celebration. We love to drink Shloer on special occasions and at family parties, and the white grape flavour is my favourite.

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with Shloer, but if you haven’t tried it you should definitely give it a try – it’s really nice.

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Thanks to Shloer for providing the drink and craft supplies

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