Frubes Sleepover at Whipsnade

Not only has Minions mania taken over many families this summer, but Minions have also taken over Frubes packaging this summer. They even took over ZSL Whipsnade Zoo one night during the summer holidays for a fun Frubes sleepover! We went along with our boys, and a few other blogger families, to stay in one of the Lookout Lodges which was an exciting start to our summer holidays.

zsl whipsnade lookout lodge


When we entered the lodge, the boys found that it had been transformed into a Minion theme – much to their delight.

minions lodgeJust like our lodges, Frubes packaging has had a Minions take over this summer, giving you the opportunity to win lots of fun Minions prizes by using your Minion vision googles that are part of the pack.

My boys and their friends love the Minion themed Frubes and have been eating lots over the summer holidays – T said he prefers them to cake and biscuits! He particularly likes the new limited edition banana flavour since in his eyes, if you eat bananas then you are a Minion!

Once we had settled into our lodge, we were ready to go on an evening tour of the zoo. We really enjoyed finding out more about all of the animals. The tour guides at Whipsnade were all very well informed, friendly and enthusiastic about the zoo – you could tell they care a lot about the animals, and we loved how well spaced this zoo is, giving plenty of space for all of the animals to feel comfortable and at ease. We came across plenty of free roaming animals during our tour too, like this one:

free roamer at whipsnadeThese animals are free to roam outside of any enclosures and go where they like within the zoo grounds, something that we haven’t come across at other zoos.

At the end of our trail, we came across something that wasn’t a typical zoo animal…. It was Bob, Stuart and Kevin! All the kids were very excited to meet the Minions. My boys are usually a bit shy around people in character costumes, but not this time – they loved meeting the Minions!

minions at zsl whipsnade zooAfter meeting the cheeky yellow guys, it was time for dinner. We ate at the Wild Bite Cafe in Whipsnade which is a handy place to visit when coming for the day with your family. We went back for lunch the next day with our relatives who came over for a day trip to the zoo, and I was impressed with the good value available. We fed 4 adults and 3 kids for a little over 50 for lunch, and the food is decent quality – not the typical unhealthy burgers you may get on some days out.

During our dinner, we came across more Minions themed treats which were really cute (and tasty!) – and of course more Minions Frubes.

Minions cake

minions biscuits


Then we went out for another explore of the zoo by torchlight, which needless to say was really exciting for the children!

lion at whipsnade

The next morning after breakfast, we had the chance to see some more of the animals to feed them which was a great opportunity and very memorable for all the family.

penguin at whipsnadeThe boys fed lots of different animals and learned about the different things that each one eats. Apparently the monkeys in the zoo love to eat Frubes – just like our kids! I had no idea!

We stayed over for another full day in the zoo, since it was our first time visiting we really wanted to make the most of it and stayed until closing time – there was plenty to keep the children busy until then, with a train ride, indoor and outdoor play area, and Whipsnade mount to run up and down, and of course lots more animals to visit.

Frubes are perfect to bring for days out, or pack in lunch boxes, since they can keep for up to 8 hours out of the fridge and of course can be eaten on the go with no need for a spoon.

Find out more about the Minions promotion on Frubes packs this summer

Minions packaging on Frubes


We were invited to stay overnight at Whipsnade as guests of Frubes

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  1. We were at Whipsnade again this week, it’s our absolute favourite zoo. I’m thinking of booking one of those lodges next year as a special treat. We love Frubes here but Monkey still has no idea who the Minions are other than his best friend loves them! Glad you had a good time.
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