Easy Pancake Fruit Kebabs to make with kids

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Making fruit kebabs has always been one of my favourite easy snacks to make together with the kids. It gets them eating lots of fruit, and you can sneak in some fine motor practice with threading onto the skewers, and even some basic maths if you start to make patterns with your fruit!

We were sent some diddy pancakes from Abra ca Debora, which are perfect for adding to the fruit kebabs due to their small size. These definitely made this snack more fun and exciting for the kids – all of them love pancakes! They have requested me to buy some more in future, so I’m sure these Diddy pancakes will become a regular thing in our house.

pancake fruit kebabs are one of the simplest things to make with children, so fun and get kids excited about eating more fruit

Making fruit kebabs is a fun and easy way to help kids to get some of their 5 a day. You can use whichever fruits you like or have to hand, we used strawberries, bananas and grapes – along with the pancakes of course.

To make these pancake fruit kebabs, you will need

  • 1 pack of disposable kebab skewers
  • Assorted fruit
  • 1 pack of Diddy Dutch Pancakes
  • Jar of honey

The honey is optional. We didn’t add this with the kids – too sticky and messy! But would be nice for grown ups, or maybe on another time.

ingredients for pancake fruit kebabs

How to make pancake fruit kebabs

  1. Heat the Diddys and stick them on to the kebabs along with the fruit.
  2. Drizzle with honey (if using)

It really is very easy. My kids managed this fine with no assistance (supervision though, because the skewers can be sharp!) They have been making fruit kebabs since they were about 2. It’s the ideal recipe to start young children in the kitchen, since it mainly just involves assembling everything together.

making pancake fruit kebabs with kids

Anything that gets children more excited about eating more fruit has to be a win in my eyes.


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Easy mini pancake fruit kebabs

Thanks to Abra Ca Debora for the last couple of shots. The boys’ pancake fruit kebabs were all eaten up way too quickly to get any nicely stylised pictures!

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