Star and Crescent Printing

This star and crescent printing is a simple sponge painting activity which makes a great Ramadan activity for kids, but also works well at any time of year! We used sponges in the shape of stars and crescents to create a printed sheet. This can be used as home made gift wrap once the painting is finished.

star and crescent print sponge paintings that can be used as kid-made gift wrap. Ramadan craft activity

It’s lots of fun and be done in 10 minutes if you’re short on time, or will keep kids entertained for a while longer as long as you have plenty of paper and paint for them to keep on going!
stars and crescents sponge painting ramadan activity  Just set up your child with a selection of paints (Washable is always best for us. If your children are young I’m sure you will find the same!) and the sponge stampers and let them get to work.

I add colours in each corner of the paint tray, after a while they start to blend together but as long as they don’t get too mixed and turn into a sludgey brown then the mixing of the colours creates a lovely effect.

star and crescent printing / sponge painting to create home made gift wrap

This activity is suitable for even the youngest toddlers, but will work well for older children too. Older children could colour coordinate their paint colours with some ribbons and other decorations to create a beautifully wrapped gift with the finished paper.

star crescent wrapping paper home made gift wrap for eid

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