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We all love a loyalty scheme! With the Books2Door BookPoints system, you will get rewarded with book points for the purchases that you’re already making meaning that you can save money in future, whether you redeem the points for free delivery or spend them on future purchases.

I buy a lot of books for my children, especially my ten year old boy who gets through book series at an unstoppable pace! It is one thing that I am always happy to keep spending money on as reading is so important for kids, with so many benefits, as we have just been celebrating with World Book Day.

children's books

So the opportunity to earn points and make some savings on the books that we are buying is definitely appealing, and that’s on top of Books2Door already having very affordable prices for their books, and book collections.

The latest book series I picked out for R (age 10) were these two sets: Wings of Fire and Gods and Warriors.

wings of fire gods and warriors books box set

Wings of Fire comes with 10 books and Gods and Warriors comes with 11 books, and already I have earned some extra BookPoints to go towards his next set!

boy reading a book

Books2Door have a huge range of books for all ages, I also find plenty of books for my younger daughter age 5 years old both for entertainment and to help her with learning to read.

girl reading

You will earn 100 BookPoints just for signing up, and then you can also get extra for following on social media, or for referring a friend.

books2door book points loyalty

Then you earn 10 points for every 1 pound that you spend on books, and you will also get 300 points extra credited to your account on your birthday!

Find out more about Books2Door Book Points here.

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Reading has so many benefits for children, and building the love of books is one of the best gifts we can give as a parent!

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