Fashion Trends To Consider For Your 2022 Wardrobe

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, 2022 is coming hard and fast with fashion trends straight from the high street. Fortunately, the up and coming trends are flexible and you can upgrade your existing wardrobe with only a few items and new silhouettes to be fashionable in 2022. 

We have gathered some of the hottest fashion trends to keep an eye on for 2022. You don’t have to go to extreme lengths. 

Try and invest in quality items that will last longer, like Saint Laurent, Tory Burch or Tom Ford, and avoid fast fashion items and single-wear pieces. That way you will have statement pieces to mix and match and your style will pack a real punch every day. 

5 Favourite Fashion Trends for 2022

1) All the colours

Forget the neutral and cream colours, 2022 is all about rainbow colours and standing out. Many designers have filled the runways with a new wave of colour, cladding models in colours from top to toe. Richard Quinn is one designer who embraced colour in his Spring 2022 collection, with striking reds, purples, greens and yellows. 

The red carpet will also explode with colours, and many celebrities will embrace head-to-toe colour and colour blocking in spring and summer. 

You can also simply stick to pops of colour, like a bright bag or colourful chunky shoes.


Items to buy:

  • Colourful shoes and bags. Go to Baw Bags to get some inspiration for handbags and backpacks. 
  • Oversized denim and suits. Although mostly neutral, the Michael Kors Fall 2022 collection offers suit inspiration that you can match with a whole host of colours. 
  • Loose dress. Flowy dresses with a low slung waist is an easy on-the-go clothing item that you can style up or down with any colour. Bottega Veneta has gorgeous dresses available in many colours and styles.

2) Fringe

The free-spirited look is coming back for Spring 2022 with fringe, tassels and an overall more bohemian and flowy feel. If you pair a fringed dress or jacket with chunky sandals, you will be making a statement whether you are going for sundowners at the beach or dancing at a festival.

Fringe is incredibly easy to wear and goes with most body types. You can get creative with the look – there are no hard and fast rules. 

Pair your favourite crop tops with a fringed jacket, or elongate short hemlines with a fringed hem. 

Items to buy:

  • Maxi dresses. A long, fitted dress with tassels is flattering and will have all eyes on you. 
  • Crochet items. Loose-knit tops and dresses continue to remain staple items in spring and summer wardrobes. We love the knit dress from Jil Sander. 
  • Oversized sandals. These “dad” shoes with hefty soles, like Birkenstock, will be centre stage in Spring 2022. 

3) Sparkle Bright

Models and fashion icons, like Gigi Hadid, are starting to wear sequins and sparkly items throughout the year. Carolina Herrera has come up with amazing mini-dresses with sparkles that can be worn every day and will sort out your winter blues in no time. 

We predict that the sequin trend will be big news in 2022 – as long as you pair it with minimalistic accessories. 


Items to buy:

  • Sparkly blazers. You can spruce up any neutral outfit by adding a sequinned blazer.
  • Wide-leg pants. Michael Kors has shown us how to style these straight and wide-legged pants for Spring 2022. 
  • Tight-fitting dresses. A tight dress may not be to everyone’s taste, but when you add sequins to the look, it transforms the dress and makes it a fashion staple for anybody. 

4) Mini and Maxi

With the 2022 trends being all about extremes, the mini and maxi dresses and skirts will reign supreme. 

You don’t have to decide to wear only mini or maxi items – you can mix it up to match the season. With micro-mini skirts making a comeback, you may want to invest in some mini skirts to stay on top of the trend. But, if you don’t want to show off so much leg, a streamlined maxi will still have you turning heads. 

Items to buy:

  • Mini dresses and micro-mini skirts.
  • Slim-fit maxi skirts and dresses.
  • Fitted tops or crop tops to pair with your skirts.
  • Knee-high boots. These will make a bold statement if you pair them with a mini skirt. 

5) Keyholes and cut-outs

Cut-out clothes may not be for everyone, but the benefit of this style is you get to flaunt a part of your body that you are proud of. The Spring 2022 runways were filled with cut-out designs, from dresses to tops, and you don’t have to go over the top with this style. 

A small flash of skin around the waist, back or chest will accentuate your body and highlight your gorgeous features.


Items to buy:

  • Open-back tops and dresses. This style only works if you are willing to skip the bra. 
  • Keyhole tops and sheer fabrics.
  • Loose pants. Linen and cotton pants simplify this trend, especially with a bright keyhole blouse.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is always transforming and changing. The trend ideas listed above will keep you fashion-forward for 2022, and also introduce staple outfits to your wardrobe that you can keep for many years to come.

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