5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hot Tub

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There are two types of people in the world. Those who are reaping the benefits of a hot tub in their garden, and those who aren’t. 

If you’re in the former category, you’ll already know the joy owning a hot tub brings, but if you want to join the 100,000 people in the UK with a spa in their garden, below are 5 questions to ask before buying a hot tub.

Will a hot tub fit in your garden?

It’s all very well and good finding a fabulous hot tub for sale with all the functions one could possibly want, but you first need to ask yourself, ‘Will a hot tub fit in my garden?’

The good news is you can save on hot tubs as they come in sizes and prices suitable for everyone. Therefore, even if you’d love a massive hot tub complete with cinema screen and sound system, if you’ve got a small garden, you’ll find a hot tub to fit.

If you’re worried your garden is so small you won’t be able to fit even a small hot tub into it, a reputable hot tub dealer will carry out a site inspection first to advise on your options.

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What’s the warranty?

Okay, so you’ve had a site inspection and the good news is you can fit a hot tub in your garden. Before you sign on the dotted line though, you need to find out the details of the warranty. For example, what does the warranty cover – is it parts only or parts and labour? It’s rare you’ll be offered a parts-only warranty but it’s best to check these things out first.

Don’t forget to also find out how long the warranty is valid for.

What accessories come with your hot tub?

Now for the fun bit. We all love an accessory or optional extra and hot tubs are no different. Ask your hot tub dealer what accessories are included and what are available to either upgrade to at point of purchase or available to buy at a later date.

For example, a cover is essential if you want to keep your hot tub clean and free from debris. Even more importantly, a hot tub cover also reduces any risk of drowning to children playing in the garden or curious animals.

When it comes to non-essentials, you might feel a music system is simply an extravagance now, but you might change your mind later down the line.

On a more practical level, what about steps? Will you be happy climbing in and out of your hot tub or will you need steps to help you?

Is your hot tub easy to maintain?

Some hot tubs are easier to maintain than others. For example, hot tubs with a higher number of jets are more difficult to clean than hot tubs with simpler systems.

If you find it tedious to keep your hot tub maintained, you probably won’t use it very often, so ask your hot tub retailer to show you the hot tubs that are easy to maintain.

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Support and guidance

Hopefully by now you’ve realised the importance of buying a hot tub from a reputable dealer.

Not only will they make sure you’re buying the best hot tub for your own personal circumstances and needs but they’ll also let you know what help and guidance is available before and after your purchase.

Keep the above questions in mind when you visit your local hot tub showroom and you’ll be enjoying your hot tub for many years to come.

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