books about starting schoolSeptember is nearly finished, and hopefully all the little ones are settling in well to their new schools. If they need a little further encouragement, then sharing some books all about starting school could help to soothe any worries and to give you a great chance to have a chat about their days at school.

Some of the books about starting school which we have at home or have enjoyed reading are:

Boris Starts School

boris-starts-school This is such a sweet book, which both Mr Z and Mr T enjoyed listening to. It is all about Boris, a big clumsy bear who is new to school. He starts off on a bit of a wrong foot as he seems to be getting told off and scaring the other children as he is so much bigger – it is quite sad! But then on the way home from school one day, Boris’ big size comes in handy to protect his classmates from the sneaky rat pack in the forest. After that, they realise that Boris is great and all the class are able to get along well, including Boris.

This is a good one for children to see that having a wobbly start doesn’t necessarily mean it will go on that way, and to emphasise that all different sizes and kinds of children should be accepted in class whatever their differences are; that you can end up being great friends with anybody!


foxyFoxy is a magical tale about a little girl called Emily and her magical fox. It’s the night before she starts school and she is a bit worried. Foxy does his best to grant all her wishes with his magic tale, although it sometimes goes a bit wrong! But when she is worried no one at school will like her, he reassures that she doesn’t need any magic for that she can just be herself! This is a very sweet story. Mr Z had it as a school reading book so we don’t actually have our own but it would be an ideal story for children starting school.

Mondays at Monster School

mondays_at_monster_school_early_reader_coverMondays at Monster School is a simple Early Reader. If you have a child who is going into school already able to read a bit, then this could be a great one for them to practise – or you could read it to them as a story book. Mr Z has been reading this book now he has just gone into year 1. Although it is not his 1st year in school, it can still take a little while for children to readjust back to the school routine, and a new teacher and new classroom.

I have a more detailed review of this book here.

Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School

harrydinosaursschoolWe have this book as a part of the 10 books in a bag set. It’s a lovely story about Harry’s first day in his new school. He is not able to take his dinosaurs with him and at first he is a bit unsure and not enjoying himself too much. Then he sees another boy who is even more worried than himself and he manages to cheer him up and they all end up enjoying their day and seeing that school is not so bad. Harry and the Dinosaurs are great characters and if your child is already familiar with them then this would be a great book to choose. This was also suggested to me by Mary from over40 and a mum to one, as a great book about starting school.

Starting School

starting_schoolThis book is a lot more information based. It’s not a story book, but a book to go through and discuss with your child all about schools and what usually happens in school. It is good that it doesn’t give just one idea about what happens in school. Fpr example it says in some schools the children are dropped off at the school entrance where the teacher meets them, and in other schools the children queue up in the playground to go inside with the teacher. It gives quite a few options, so you can discuss with your child about the way they do things in their school. This would also be good if your child is changing from one school to another, just to introduce the idea that things may be done differently. The book covers all the different parts of the school day, from lesson time to play time, to special days like own clothes days or school performances. It is a really good one if you child does seem to want a lot of information to get them ready for starting school!

I Can Write: At School

i-can-write-at-schoolThis is a book Mr Z used a lot when starting school. I love the wipe clean nature of it, as it can be used as many times as you like. The book includes lots of school related words to copy if your child is eager to get going with the school work and practise their handwriting, and you can look at the pictures and talk about what you see. You could have a look for what is the same and what is different from your child’s own school.

For parents wanting a book to read for themselves, there is The Starting School Survival Guide: Everything you need to know when your child starts primary school.

startingschoolguideI read this before Mr Z started nursery. It covers quite a lot, and is not written in too patronising and annoying a way. I often can not stand guide or advice type books but this was okay! If it is your first child or if you are not very familiar with the UK school system I would recommend this.

If you want more ideas, there are some great suggestions in this useful article from the Telegraph. Red Rose Mummy has also recommended a couple of suggestions in her Starting Nursery feature.

Some of the books featured were previously sent to me for review, either on the blog or through Amazon Vine programme.

Are there are any other books which you would recommend or add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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