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One of the most magical things as a parent is seeing your child starting to learn how to read. It is such a huge step, that opens up a whole world of knowledge and imagination for your child to now access. Starting to learn to read is very daunting though, as it is easy. We were sent this Reading Champions book set from Books2Door, which is perfect for beginner readers with six levels advancing in difficulty.

I was excited to try the first level Pink books with my 4 year old daughter N who will be starting reception in September. These books are really simple and have just a few words per page with lots of repetition, to make it manageable for young children to read. N got such a sense of accomplishment from reading these short books and getting the sentences correct, so this will help her feel more confident to keep trying and keep on with her reading.

Here’s an example from the Pink level books, as you can see it has simple CVC words which can be sounded out phonetically once your child knows the letter sounds and has started grasping how to blend them together. Others of the pink level books have lots of common sight words (often known as “tricky words” in reception) such as “I” and “like” which are easy to recognise.

You get six books of each colour level, making 30 in total, along with a parent teacher guide. This is a good amount to get started, and gives you some variety when practising reading at each level. You can also supplement and mix and match with other reading schemes to get more phonics reading books at each level if needed.

You can see the Reading Champions early reader book set here on the Books2Door website, currently available for 23.99 for the full site – discounted from RRP 149.70

I would recommend these books if you would like to introduce your child to early reading, and they are motivated to give it a try. The feeling of pride for a young child finishing a whole book by themselves for the first time is so wonderful to watch, and these books helped to make this possible for N.


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