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We’re inching ever closer to that wonderful time of year – yes, it’s back to school season! With the summer holidays winding down and the scent of newly sharpened pencils in the air, we thought it’d be the perfect time to share some of our newest educational resources.

Get ready to spark your child’s imagination with our “Back to School Complete the Picture Printable Worksheets

Complete The Pictures Using The Grid

Let’s start with the joy of creation. The ‘Complete the Pictures Using the Grid’ worksheets will be an entertaining yet educational activity for your little ones.

We’ve included several different back-to-school themes such as a school, a school bus, crayons, a blackboard, and a backpack. These images are broken up into simple-to-follow grids. Your child will enhance their drawing and coordination skills by recreating each image square by square until they have a complete picture!

complete the picture back to school drawing grids

Using these complete the picture grids is a great introduction to directed drawing, or how to draw pages, and also a super fun way to work on symmetry as in order to complete each of the pictures you need to mirror exactly what you see on the other side of the page.


Learn to draw a school building in this page

how to draw a school complete the grid page free printable

Your kids might like this school theme tracing craft page too.

School Bus

Use the grid to complete your own drawing of a school bus.

how to draw a school bus complete the grid page free printable


Use the grid to complete the picture and create your very own pack of crayons. You can color it in once you’ve finished too!

how to draw a box of crayons complete the grid page free printable


Use symmetry to complete the picture, and draw in the chalk board along with the equation written up for the class.

how to draw a chalkboard complete the grid page free printable


Use the grid squares to draw your own school bag, and color it in too if you like.

how to draw a school bag backpack complete the grid page free printable

Trace The Lines To Complete The Pictures

The second set of our worksheets focuses on honing fine motor skills and improving pencil control with ‘Trace the Lines to Complete the Pictures’.

This activity is fantastic for kids who are just getting the hang of holding their pencils and need a bit of guidance.

Once again, we’ve used the familiar back-to-school themes like the school, school bus, crayons, blackboard, and backpack.

This activity requires your child to trace along the dotted lines to complete each picture. The end results can make for a delightful piece of artwork that your child can be proud of!

trace the lines to complete the pictures, back to school theme pencil control worksheets


trace the lines school

School Bus

trace the lines school bus


trace the lines crayon


trace the line school chalkboard


trace the lines school bag backpack worksheet

Download pdf

We’ve made these resources easily accessible for all of our readers. Just click on the download link provided below to get the PDF file with all 10 pages.

You can then print these worksheets out at your convenience.

Terms of use: free for personal use, free for classroom use.

So there you have it, folks. These back-to-school printable worksheets will not only keep your kids engaged, but they’ll also help them brush up on their motor skills, encourage creativity, and get them in the mood for school. There’s nothing better than combining fun and learning, right?

Let us know in the comments below how you get on with these worksheets, and remember, the best way to learn is to have fun!

Enjoy this back-to-school season and keep an eye out for more exciting resources coming your way!

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