8 Sweet Valentine’s Day Puns for Kids to Color (Free Printable)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I’m going to share my collection of free printable Valentine’s coloring pages that kids can use to make their loved ones smile.

These Valentine’s Day puns are all in good fun, and they can also make for a great activity to help your kids express their feelings and show off their creative side.

valentines coloring

Free Printable Valentines for Kids to Color

These printable Valentines for children makes a cute, creative activity that your kids will enjoy. Get started on these to make this holiday a little sweeter for everyone involved.

So grab some crayons and markers, and let’s get coloring ready for Valentine’s Day. 

Sweet Valentines Puns

There’s something sweet about kids, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about toddlers, teens or tweens. 

These Valentines sweets, treats and cake themed puns are perfect for kids of all ages. After all, who doesn’t like sweet things?! From doughnuts, to cakes, to ice cream and even jam – will your favorite sweet treat be among these printable Valentines day cards?

loving you is a piece of cake valentines puns

For this free set of 8 Valentines Day Puns for kids to color, I’ve used a little humor, creativity, and puns to come up with some sweet Valentine’s day puns that kids can easily color, with the PDF templates available to download at the end of this post.

We’re a Match Made in Heaven

We’re a match made in heaven, just like milk and cookies – or cookies and milk!

we're a match made in heaven just like milk and cookies

I am donuts about you

Everyone loves a good donut pun, and what better way to say “I’m nuts about you!”

I'm donuts about you

Absolutely Muffin Compares to You

Nothing compares to you… or should I say Muffin compares to you.

muffin compares to you kids valentines day coloring page with sweet pun

I love you a waffle lot.

I love you an awful lot, or a waffle lot!

I love you a waffle lot valentines coloring page for kids

You’re so cute and so cool

Just like ice cream 🙂

you're so cool and cute ice cream valentines colouring for kids

Loving You is a Piece of Cake

Loving you is easy

loving you is a piece of cake kids valentines coloring

You are totally my jam

you are totally my jam valentines for kids

I love you dough much

I love you so much… or dough much!

I love you dough much kids valentines printable

More Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Puns

If you’ve colored your way through all of these 8 Valentine’s Day puns and you’re still hungry for more, here are a few more cute Valentine’s Day puns that you can use for your Valentine’s crafts or handmade Valentines.

From animal Valentines Day Puns, to all kinds of cute and cheesy Valentines puns.. you will find something that works perfectly for your Valentines project.

  • Let’s play-dough together, Valentine! (printable Valentines tag for playdough)
  • Lots of Love.. I mean Lots of Legs Octopus Valentines Craft for kids
  • I leaf you Valentines Day Card with leaves
  • You Spice Up My Life Spice Painted Valentines Day Cards
  • “You’re one in a melon” for a fruit or melon themed Valentine’s Card
  • “I love you a whole Watt” OR “You light up my life” – for a light bulb themed Valentine’s Card
  • “I’m stuck on you” – for an envelope and stamp themed valentine’s card, or a gluestick themed Valentine’s card
  • “I love you berry much” – for a strawberry or blueberry themed Valentine’s card.
  • “Be my Tweet-heart” – for a bird themed valentine’s card
  • “Bee mine” – for a Bumble Bee Valentine
  • “You’re purr-fect” – for a cat or kitten Valentine
  • “You’re paw-some” – for a dog or puppy Valentine
  • “You can count on me” – for a numbers themed Valentine
  • “Whale you be mean?” – for a whale themed Valentine
  • “I love ewe” for a sheep themed Valentine

8 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Jokes

Bonus – here’s a few cheesy and cute Valentine’s Day jokes to enjoy with the kids. They can choose some to write inside their Valentine’s Day cards.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you!

Why are artichokes so beloved? They’re known for their hearts

What did the chef give to his loved one on Valentine’s Day? A hug and a quiche

What’s the best football player to marry? The goalie – He’s a real keeper!

What kind of flowers should you not give to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?Cauliflowers!

What do you get when you kiss a dragon on Valentine’s Day? Burnt Lips!

What do you call a ghost’s true love? Their ghoul-friend.

Why did the police officer lock up her boyfriend? He stole her heart.


Download these free printable valentines for kids to color in PDF format for easy printing.

These coloring valentines come as a PDF file with two pages, each page has four of the Valentines, so once the kids color them in and cut them out they will be a small postcard size rather than full size.

If you would like to print each one as a full page A4 coloring page, you can right click and download the images separately and print the PNG file.

Terms of use: these printable Valentines are free to print and use for personal use or classroom use.

Sweet Valentines Treats

Valentine Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Strawberry Heart Muffins

Cherry Valentines Day Desserts

Strawberry Valentines Desserts

Valentines Heart Biscuits

Valentines Heart Meringues

Free Printable Valentines Donut Boxes

More Valentines Ideas for Kids

Free Valentines Day Printables

Valentines Thumb Print Heart Bookmark Craft

Valentines Color by Number Pages

Printable Valentines Day Chatterboxes

Valentines Day Beaded Heart Craft


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free printable valentines for kids to color, with sweet valentines day puns. cute and funny!

We hope you enjoyed our free printable Valentines for kids, and the kid friendly Valentines jokes for kids along with all of the cute and sweet Valentines Day puns.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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