Scented Spice Painted Valentines Cards

Recently I shared a sensory spice painting activity over on Raising Life Long Learners. The boys had such a fun time mixing up their own spice paints, and exploring the scents as we painted.

They painted so many sheets of paper with different spice paints! So we decided to make something out of the paintings. It’s always good to find a way to convert fun process art into a something that can be used or displayed, and our final result, making spice painted cards, worked really well.

scented spice painted cards


To see how we mixed up the spice paints, and more about the initial activity, read the previous post on Raising Life Long Learners and once all your spice paintings are dry – you’re ready to make some of these cards!

spice paintingOur spices were mixed with white paint, and stood out the best on black – which worked well on the cards.

Once the spice paintings are dry, cut out your desired shape in a mixture of sizes. We went for hearts since it’s Valentines Day but to make this activity work all year round you can easily vary the shapes. Cut out flowers or stars or letters to spell out a sweet message or name.

hearts cut out from spice paintingWe used plain brown cardboard cards and brown envelopes for our cards. The natural cardboard look goes well with the spice paint – kind of a rustic and natural colour scheme.

Once your shapes are cut out (you could use a die cutter if you wish, but we did it freehand and the rough hand made look adds to the effect I think), then all you need to do is arrange them onto your cards and envelopes and stick them down.

scented spice painted cards for kids to makeWe used a glue stick which worked fine, but whatever gluing option you prefer should work well too!

And ta daa.. you’re handmade scented card is ready! You will probably want to use pleasant smelling spices like Cinnamon and avoid the not so great smelling like Turmeric. Avoid pepper and chilli powder too!!

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Spice painted scented Valentines cards

Spice painted Valentines cards for kids to make

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