“I Leaf You” Valentines Day Card

A home made Valentines card is always more heart felt and personal than a store bought card, and they can be lots of fun to make too – an excuse to let your creative side out!

The kids and I made some Valentines crafts to give to their loved one and one of our favourites was this simple “I Leaf You” Valentines day card.

"I Leaf You" valentines day card made with craft leaves to make a heart. Cute, and easy to make


  • Square of scrap book paper (1 per card)
  • Foam heart (1 per card)
  • Coloured craft leaves (2 per card – more if wanted for inside)
  • Glitter glue (Blu Tack brand)
  • White glue (Bostik brand)
  • Valentines embellishments – stickers, or rhinestones etc according to what you have

supplies for valentines card


First, take your square of scrap book paper and fold it into quarters, then glue together to create a card shape, with the pattern covering the inside and outsides of the card. This double layer effect will give your paper the strength to stand up well as a card

make a card from scrap book paper

Once your card shape is ready, then decorate the front by gluing on your heart shape, and craft leaves, placing two leaves to form a rough heart shape inside the main heart. You can use the white glue for this.

valentines card

Add any extra embellishments you like, such as rhinestones and of course glitter glue! We used our glitter glue to outline the entire heart and add some extra sparkle. This was with the Blu Tack brand Glitter Pen, which is really easy to use and much less mess than using loose glitter, which you might end up finding sprinkled all over the floor later on!

valentines card with craft leaves

Once all of the glue on the card has dried, you can write your message inside. Since we used leaves to decorate, we decided to go with a pun message and write “I leaf you” (As in I love you) – if Valentines is not the time to be cheesy, then really, when is? 😉

i leaf you valentine

You can also add any extra leaf decorations and stickers on the inside, just for an extra personal touch.

I’m sure the recipient will love it!

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  1. I meant to comment on this before, Anna – but forgot – just love this. So cute and so simple. We have an Isle of Ewe card at the moment too, you can’t beat a good Valentine’s pun! Thanks for taking part in the Love Blog Hop Linky. x


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