Simple Ways To Personalise Your Party Packs And Favours

Every toddler to teen party (and older) needs to have a credible party pack.

It’s the pack that all the kids will expect to leave with and the takeaway that will provide the Monday school playground credibility, as well as find you favour with the other parents.

It’s these party favours, the thank you for attending and making the day fun, which have simply become part and parcel of a great party, no matter the age being celebrated.

They can be a tricky aspect of the party to get right and yet will be remembered. Here are a few ways to simplify this process and ensure all of the above.

Know the demographics

If you know who’s coming to the party, then you should have a clear idea as to what they might like to receive.

Age, gender/pronoun and any medical or allergy information is key to provide you with the details to make the right kind of decisions.

Demographics may sound a bit complicated, but it’s a vital part of any party planning.

Buy well in advance

The internet and online shops will allow you to buy well in advance, so do your research and order the items long before the time you will need them to make up the packs or the packs themselves.

There are places where you can build your own sweet hamper and include exactly what you know the party goers will enjoy.

The activity of actually putting the packs together can then also be a pre-party activity to get everyone involved.

Personalize or bespoke

Having gathered all the information that you need as to who’s going to come to the party, the opportunity to personalise and make a bespoke gift of it becomes possible.

Not all the party packs have to be the same and you can make them up specifically for each guest if you have the time and want to make them extra special.

Personalisation of gifts is a trend on the rise and you would do well to follow it to impress your party goers.

Think outside the box

Not all party packs or favours have to be what the party goers would expect, change it up and provide them with a joint follow up experience instead of things or treats.

A pamper session, go karting, or even just a picnic invite could be a fantastic way of thanking those who attended.

Be as creative as possible and look around for free tickets to shows and museum tours.

With the rise in online and virtual events and parties, there has also been a change in the way thanks are communicated and virtual flowers and e-cards are a terrific way to make someone feel special for attending.

Personalising and perfecting your party packs and favours is one of the best ways to ensure that those who have been to your party remember it.

Keep in mind that it is genuinely not about doing it better than anyone else, but simply a way to say thanks, thanks for making an appearance at the party, because, without the guests, there can be no party.

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