16 Essential Items To Keep In Your Handbag At All Times

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By Luciana Oliveira

Mothers are always rushing here and there and having your handbag ready with a few essential items can be a lifesaver in chaotic moments.

I always carry a few things with me and in this post I will share a few ideas of what you can add to your handbag to be always prepared.

Handbag and make up items

I used to avoid handbags at all costs until I became a mum. For some time I tried to just stuff everything in my pockets but once a baby comes along trust me, you need a bag. A nice, roomy full of pockets and hidden compartments ones are the absolute best.

I will try to mix items that you would most probably need on the go with or without kids so we can cater for everybody that needs a guide with what to keep in their handbags.

Also feel free to share in the comments any of your favourite items and items you can’t go without so we can have a more comprehensive list.

1-Hand and/or body cream

Ok this one is a must! I don’t know if its my age – I am 39 – or the fact that I am living in a pretty cold country but my hand is always dry. I have hand cream/body cream in every room of the house and even in my car.


2-Lip Balm

This is another one that I have everywhere, including my coat pockets. My lips are constantly dehydrated and to avoid them drying out too much and cracking, these can be a life saver. Choose your favourite one and never take it out of your bag.


3-Pain Relief Products

Pain relief products are another must have on your handbag. You never know when a beautiful and uneventful day can go south and a headache or a pulled muscle will strike.

I am always carrying them with me and I also love to have the drug free pain relief alternatives. These are fantastic if you want drug-free products that are portable, compact and provide fast-acting relief.

woman with hands in head


If you are out with kids or even by yourself, you will get where I am going with this. Kids are always getting bumps and bruises and cuts. I have a stash of plasters in a hidden pocket of my handbag and trust me, I am constantly having to restock.

With my daughter especially as she is always running or climbing, and has very specific requirements when it comes to what kind of plaster she wants…depending on what cartoon character she is into at the moment. If you have kids you get me.

But also if you are as clumsy as I am you will need it.

lady putting a plaster on her finger


After a long day you will appreciate if you can have a moment to refresh. Having your favourite perfume or a travel version with yourself at all times will make you feel fresh through the whole day.


6-Portable Phone Charger

If you, like the entire population, cannot survive without a phone get yourself a portable phone charger asap. They are compact and some of them have this really cool feature that recharges your phone super fast. I use my phone constantly, especially to situate myself as I just moved to a new area. I cannot afford to have my phone dying on me.

I also use it to keep my daughter entertained as I do groceries shopping and to use as contactless payment method, so I need my phone fully charged.

girl holding phone


This is a for myself note. I am one of those people that drinks one glass of water a day and I am not proud. So I am working on getting my daily water intake way up. Having a small bottle of water will do the trick and your dry lips and skin will thank me later…I will also thank myself later….

8-Make Up

Ok I do not carry my entire make up bag with me all the time, but I have a small version of it with my go to items such as my favourite lip gloss, mascara and blush. You can also have some brushes and sponges as they can be quite small and won’t take that much space. Having your face powder with you can help you look fresh after a long day.

make up items


If you don’t have a pack in your bag right now go and get it. These are great for everything, literally. I catch myself wiping my face, my daughter face, hands, surfaces and also for toilet emergencies. We all know that some public toilets do not have toilet paper so trust me on this one. Kids have no concept of waiting or not getting dirty…you will need these.


And this is not only for sunny days. We all know the UV rays can be quite damaging to the skin so keep sunscreen handy and do not take this for granted…you can thank me in a few years.

girl with eyes closed

11-Hand Sanitizer

These are great regardless of the current circumstances. We all know the importance of personal hygiene and keeping your hands clean, especially if you are out and about with kids and will most possibly grab a bite to eat. They are small and super effective.


Because if you are disorganized and forgetful like I am and don’t keep track of your cycle, these will save your life. I also love having them in case someone else needs it.

13-Hair bands

These are for me and my daughter. We love having our hair down but at some point I get super annoyed and so does she so we have to tie it up. She is also very active so keeping her hair off her face is a must.

girl holding her hair


Headphones are great if you will love listening to music or just want some privacy when talking to your friend on the go. I have a great pair of wireless ones that come in a box that also keep them charged while not in use, which is genius.


If you are on your own and need to pass the time, carrying a book or a kindle is great. If you have to be in the tube or train, this will be a great opportunity to catch up with that book you started but didn’t have a chance to finish. Whenever I am travelling without my daughter, this is my go to way to keep myself entertained and pass the time.

handbag and various items

16-Lash Serum

If you care about getting the lashes of your dreams like I do, then you don’t go anywhere without some trusty lash serum. Messing up my lash serum routine can easily be avoided.

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