8 School Summer Holiday Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Kids

Looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom make over this summer?

We have put together 8 different styles to get the ideas flowing, and help you create the perfect bedroom for your child – from toddlers to teenagers.

With a few small changes you can make your kid’s bedroom look so inviting and warm that your little one wants to spend every night there, and create a gorgeous space for your child to spend their days playing all summer long.

child bedroom decor inspiration

Make a statement with a bold color palette or pattern, or keep it classy with a minimal yet playful look – either way, you can find something that’s perfect for your child.

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Moon and Stars Nursery Decor Ideas

Your new sweet baby is about to become the center of your universe, so why not go with an outer space themed nursery?

There are so many great options to make your baby’s room totally out of this world. Navy blue starry night skies with bright dots of stars create a dark and calm nursery mood.

There are also more neutral and bright options that pair well with gray and beige tones on this list.

We found cartoonish sweet images of smiling stars and also more realistic constellation patterns. The possibilities are endless!

beautiful and classy moon and star baby nursery ideas

Moon and star nursery decor is a brilliant theme to pick because it’s possible to make it gender neutral.

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A Simple Decorative Idea For Any Room

I love decorating and learning about easy and innovative ideas to keep our homes looking always fresh and beautiful.

I am quite picky with how I want my own home to look like but I also appreciate keeping the costs low, so in this post we will share some ideas that you can use when you decide to make a few changes around the house while working on a budget.

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