Simple And Unique Home Decor Ideas You Will Love

By now you all realised how much we love anything to do with home decor. More then just decorating we are passionate about innovative ways of revamping our homes. After the shock of being on lockdown for quite a while we all had to look for ways to keep ourselves busy and sane during these crazy times. Decorating your living space is an incredible way of achieving both. Especially if you – like me – have been procrastinating painting that wall or moving the living room furniture around. Read on to find out how you can finally bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

I am not exactly the most crafty person but I love decorating. I am constantly moving things around the house and repurposing items. I have a very particular way of displaying things as I not only believe in minimalism but also energy flor. The first thing I did in the house I am currently living was to remove most of the doors in the living spaces. If I was to move to a new house I would probably knock most of the walls down to have an open plan. I absolutely love the idea of freely moving around without bumping on doors and random furniture.

My go to decoration items are plants and wall decor in general. Plants make everything looks homey and welcoming and you can add a pop of colour to a very plain room. I am always trying to sneak new plants in the house without my husband’s notice. We will soon be living in a jungle because I can help myself sometimes. I also like the idea of teaching my daughter how to care and appreciate them.

I really like the idea of wall decor. In the house I am currently living I wanted to try the feature walls. I always prefered to have light and plain colours on the walls but I felt like experimenting with an specific colour on a main wall in different rooms. In the playroom I kept most walls off white but the main wall, where the fireplace is I decide to try a bright colour. After researching for a bit I saw some gorgeous teal feature walls on Pinterest and I gave it a go. Teal is a very bold colour especially for a person that always go for minimalism. I am in love with the results. Especially being in the playroom. Teal brought a touch of fun and sophistication to the room and I am very proud I took that leap.

In the living room I wanted something bold but less bright. We painted the walls off white but the feature wall is a dark grey colour. I tried different shades of grey but they were mostly very light and on the safe side. I wanted to be a bit more risky and a bit more like the playroom so we went for a darker shade of grey and it is so nice. It is the right balance between classy and risky.

As I was deciding what to do with the main bedroom I came across Photowall. They have an amazing range of products like wallpapers, canvas, posters and you can also use your own image to create your wallpaper, canvas or poster which makes it even more unique and authentic! Their products are customized and printed to order and they use the highest quality materials and printing for their products. One of the things that also caught my attention about Photowall is that in their wall mural factory they strive to minimise their environmental impact which is so important.

With that said I would highly recommend you to click on and check their amazing work. The possibilities are many and your home will look incredible. If you are like me and believes the walls of a room can affect how you feel you will love what Photowall has to offer. They will help you transfor your room to reflect your personality.


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