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Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It has been a few years since we visited, but hopefully we will get another chance soon! My sister used to live and study in Edinburgh so in those days, I visited much more often and found it a charming city. Edinburgh has it’s own unique personality and style, and stands out very distinctly from other cities in the UK.

Here are some ideas of things to see and places to go when visiting Edinburgh. These are things to do with the family in Edinburgh which children should enjoy, but are also interesting for grown ups visiting the area too.

5 Things to see and do in Edinburgh with the family


What to see and do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

This is the obvious choice! The most well known landmark of Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle which sits on top of a hill in the heart of the city. People of all ages will enjoy walking around the castle and exploring.

Edinburgh Castle

National Museum of Scotland

This is Scotland’s largest museum, and with free admission to this museum you can’t really go wrong! There are so many galleries of different historical exhibits, art and design, natural history, science and technology and more.

You could spend hours exploring here, or pop in for a shorter visit to see just a few exhibits.

Find out more here about what’s available

Princes Street Gardens Christmas Markets

Princes Street Gardens is a public park, nearby to the Edinburgh train station and the shopping area in the town centre. This is always a buy and bustling area and in Christmas time this area is home to the Christmas markets. These run for 6 weeks and include an Ice Rink and a children’s market in Santa Land.

Edinburgh Christmas MarketsRoyal Mile

This is another famous street of Edinburgh. This was the heart of the old city of Edinburgh and now has lots of shops and eateries. It connects Edinburgh Castle with the palace of Holyroodhouse

Edinburgh Bus Tours

Like London, you can see Edinburgh easily by travelling on an open top bus. This is always fun for kids and provides a quick way to find out all about the city.

If staying a while, you could also take an excursion from Edinburgh for a day or two and go to see the beautiful views of the Scottish Highlands, and Loch Ness which is up near Inverness.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh

For a convenient and affordable family friendly option, why not try Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West.

They have all the conveniences with 24 hour room service and the ability to book family rooms.

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  1. Edinburgh is one of the places we would like to try and visit this year or next. I went with High School and would love to go back. Hubby has never been. An open top bus tour is a good idea. Didn’t know they did them. Hubby is wanting to visit the cat cafe


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