Most popular camping destinations in France

Corsica is France’s most popular camping destination – by a long shot

The island of Corsica is by far the most popular place for camping holidays in France, beating mainland destinations like Brittany and the Cote d’Azur.

This is according to research conducted by travel expert Find A Cheap Flight. It found that ‘Corsica’ was googled 60,500 times in a month, compared to places like Annecy and Biscarrosse, both of which received 40,500 searches each.


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Christmas Activities in Bristol

Now that Halloween is done and dusted for the year, I can’t resist thinking about the big one…. Christmas time!

As you will know when you have little ones, Christmas can truly be the most magical time of year and if you live in the Bristol area there is no shortage of seasonal activities for families to take part in. 

We have compiled a list of the best Christmas activities in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and slightly further afield within up to an hour’s drive.

Christmas Days out near Bristol the ultimate list of where to meet Santa, ice skating, light trails, best christmas garden centres and more

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Top 10 Famous Hotels from Around the World

Most travellers are familiar with these famous hotels, but do you know why they are so well-known? Here are some facts about these hotels and reasons why you should stay there.

The world is a beautiful place, and it’s easy to feel like you know everything about the homes of the 7.5 billion people living on Earth. But we don’t. There are still plenty of places we haven’t seen and sights that we’re yet to experience for the first time – and that’s what makes travel so exciting! 

When you think of travelling or simply visiting other cities in your own country, one thing always stands out: hotels! The luxury they provide, the comfort they offer; are just some of the perks. 

In our blog ‘Top 10 Famous Hotels from Around the World’, we will be showcasing some of the most prestigious hotels worldwide – highlighting what they offer and exciting things about their location—starting with what we know of Atlantis the Palm.


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Best Mountain Bike Trails – 8 Trails You Didn’t Know About

Even if you are a novice mountain biker, you probably seek the lesser-known trails. No wonder why. Finding a destination that wasn’t reached by everyone else makes biking much more exciting. Furthermore, many of them allow you to explore more freely as the paths there may be still in the making.

So if you want to go mountain biking, you should consider some of the trails that hid under the radar of other bikers. Luckily for you, there are many places like that all over the United States. So, for example, you take your bike to Lakeland, FL; Medora, ND, Snowmass, CO, Windham, NY, or Whitefish, MT. If you don’t have a mountain bike just yet, here you can find what bikes are made in USA.

It is worth mentioning that while the places mentioned below may not be as popular, you can still find high-quality bike trails there. The only difference is that they aren’t as crowded, so you will be able to enjoy them at your very own pace. Read on to learn more about the X trails you didn’t know about!


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Spooky Destinations for this Halloween Season

Halloween is all about scary stories,  jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating. But in case you’d rather indulge in travel and not in candies, we’ve compiled a list of spooky destinations to visit around Halloween Season. From Salem to Sleepy Hollow and from the Catacombs in Paris to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, the world offers plenty of mysterious, scary and frightening destinations where to spend the scariest day of the year.

If you’ll be travelling somewhere and you’ll be renting a car to reach your destination or explore the whereabouts, don’t forget to purchase insurance so that your trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare!


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The 5 Best Pumpkin Picking Locations in Bristol

Hello October! It’s time to think about Halloween and our favourite harvest time activity…. Pumpkin picking.

If you live in the Bristol area, or nearby to Bristol and are searching for the best pumpkin patches to take your children pumpkin picking, we have some ideas for you with our top 5 pumpkin picking spots locally at pumpkin patches, country parks, zoos and family friendly farms.

Best pumpkin picking locations in Bristol

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What to expect when travelling first class on a train

It’s easy to get disillusioned with rail travel, especially if you’re a commuter who needs to head to and from a busy place at rush hour. Your experience of travelling by train might consist of trying to keep yourself balanced while standing inches from other passengers, or maybe even sharing a ride with other people’s luggage! But it doesn’t have to be this way. You know that just a few carriages in front of yours is a world of peace, space and comfort. It seems like bliss when you have your head in a fellow-commuter’s armpit, but what do you actually get for the extra money when you travel first class? 

Peace and quiet

If you’ve ever wandered into a first-class carriage by accident, you’ll have noticed how peaceful it is. It’s one of the key reasons people choose to travel first class. And if this is what you’re looking for, you’ll find you’re surrounded by like-minded folk. People in these carriages generally want to sleep, admire the view or work. Therefore, the only distraction you might have is from being given your courtesy coffee.

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Our Guide to the Best Restaurants to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is always changing. When it comes to food, this means that new restaurants are being opened every day. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to go or what to try.

Don’t worry! Dubai locals have the inside scoop on where you should go and what you should eat. Read on for our guide to the best restaurants in Dubai, so that you can explore the magic of Dubai’s food scene. 

Dubai is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in the world, and it’s never been easier to explore them. This guide will help you discover new restaurants and explore different cuisines. Whether you want a romantic candlelit dinner or a place with the best burgers in Dubai, we got your back. Here are our top favourite restaurants and best places that we recommend you visit on your next trip to the United Arab Emirates

Our guide to the best Dubai restaurants for every cuisine and budget

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7 Holiday Destinations to Visit in the UK this Summer

This summer, with the on going travel restrictions for international holidays, taking your break within the UK is looking more appealing than ever. While saving yourself the hassle of taking part in restrictive testing and quarantines, you will also get the chance to appreciate and experience some of the brilliant parts of the country that you may not have visited before and discover some beautiful British gems right here on our door step.

We will take you through some of the best options for UK breaks this summer, both city based and coastal or rural options, so there is something for everyone. You can visit Ebooking to find many great options for booking your hotels all around the UK.


As the Capital city of the UK, London naturally has so much to offer tourists. If you are travelling as a family with children, London has plenty to keep them busy from the Museums to the parks, London Zoo or the SeaLife London Aquarium, to famous national landmarks and sights like Buckingham palace and the London Eye.

Staying centrally in areas like Paddington, Kings Cross, Covent Garden or South Kensington will give you great access to lots of attractions and you can quickly and easily get around on the tube to explore further.

From London, you can also consider day trips slightly further afield to attractions such as Legoland Windsor. Or take a de-tour and spend a few days around Windsor itself to see the castle, and the atmosphere around this beautiful town.

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