11 Most Haunted Places in Liverpool

Liverpool: birthplace of The Beatles, Capital of Culture 2012 and one of the most aesthetic cities in the UK – but did you know it’s also home to some of the creepiest, most historic venues in the UK?

So, whether you’re after a ghostly pub crawl, or just fancy being a full-time creep, we’ve taken a look and here are some of the most haunted places in Liverpool to visit!

Haunted pubs in Liverpool

The Post Office Pub, Liverpool

the post office pub Liverpool haunted pub

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Best Places for Kids and Families to Cycle in and around Bristol

If your child has learned to cycle and you are looking for nice, easy places to practice those pedal skills locally in Bristol, and eventually some family bike rides, read on. We will take you through the best places for kids and families to ride bikes in Bristol.

Places to start out and practice cycling in Bristol

Bristol Family Cycling Centre, Hengrove

This has to be number one on the list. This is a perfect place for kids to learn to cycle!

A disused athletic track converted into a friendly cycle centre with helpful staff on hand to lend bikes, give tips and set challenges to help develop your child’s skills (or your own skills for that matter, as the centre will get absolutely anyone cycling, adults included, and also runs a variety of sessions for those with disabilities).

athletic track for cycling in bristol

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Kid-friendly Places and Activities on the Island of Nantucket

Nantucket is not just a preppy summer home and vacation spot for the affluent. It is one of the towns with the most preserved pre-civil war homes and buildings in the USA.

And even though it has a rich history and is the desired destination for vacationers, travelers, and people interested in buying second or third homes, the island and its nature have not been ruined.

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Most popular camping destinations in France

Corsica is France’s most popular camping destination – by a long shot

The island of Corsica is by far the most popular place for camping holidays in France, beating mainland destinations like Brittany and the Cote d’Azur.

This is according to research conducted by travel expert Find A Cheap Flight. It found that ‘Corsica’ was googled 60,500 times in a month, compared to places like Annecy and Biscarrosse, both of which received 40,500 searches each.


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Christmas Activities in Bristol

Now that Halloween is done and dusted for the year, I can’t resist thinking about the big one…. Christmas time!

As you will know when you have little ones, Christmas can truly be the most magical time of year and if you live in the Bristol area there is no shortage of seasonal activities for families to take part in. 

We have compiled a list of the best Christmas activities in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and slightly further afield within up to an hour’s drive.

Christmas Days out near Bristol the ultimate list of where to meet Santa, ice skating, light trails, best christmas garden centres and more

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