Time to Dress Up : Braveheart Knight’s Costume

My kids always enjoy fancy dress and dressing up in fun and imaginative costumes. It’s a great way to enhance their role play and immerse themselves into imaginary worlds.

We recently came across Time to Dress Up who sell a wide selection of children’s dressing up costumes and were given the chance to choose an outfit to review. It wasn’t an easy choice since there are so many imaginative and unique costumes available on the site but the boys took a look at the website and settled on the Braveheart Dress Up.

This knights costume is a lot more impressive than others that we’ve come across, and is really well made with so much detail.

Knight's costume Dress up

The costume comes with a knight’s tunic and trousers, and a sword and gold gauntlet as accessories.

To put the finishing touches to the costume, you will just need to add a plain black top underneath, which most households would have already in the wardrobe. While just playing around the house, Mr T has been happy enough just wearing the tunic but to wear outside you would need to add the top.

The difference between this costume and a lot of the cheaper dress up costumes we have had previously is all in the fabric. This is not the typical cheap nylon style dressing up outfit, it’s very plush and feels so much more durable. The gold part of the tunic, including the shoulders, has a very soft and comfortable slightly padded feel. The overall feel of the outfit is quite luxurious and this dressing up costume would work very well for fancy dress parties and school plays or theme days as well as for playing at home.

knights costume shouldersThere is detail on the trousers as well as the tunic, so the whole outfit ties in together well and you can see that thought has been put into making it.

knights costume trousersThe accessories make the costume look complete and also add a lot of fun for the kids. They love the sword and the gauntlet and use them in their role play. These are good quality too and can withstand play. Although they are plastic they are not too flimsy.

IMG_2251Other costumes available from Time to Dress Up include

  • Dinosaurs
  • Cowboy
  • Astronaut
  • Tiger
  • Toucan
  • Pony
  • Dragon

and lots and lots more!


Which one is your favourite? 

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