6 Fun Things to do in the Woods

We’re lucky to have so much beautiful woodland in the UK, and recently we’ve been learning about how the Woodland Trust works to preserve this woodland , to protect it for future generations. By taking our kids to the woods and teaching them the value of nature, we can all help out in our small way too.

There are so many fun activities to do in the woods. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

6 fun things to do in the woods

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

We made a nature collecting bag and a sheet for the kids to record what they find while exploring nature.

Take Photos

Giving kids a camera can be a great way to get them enthusiastic about a walk through the woods. I loved the idea that one of the mums in our #NatureDetectives Twitter party shared – they picked one tree within their local woods and photograph that same tree each time they visit to observe the way it changes over time. What a great way to get develop a strong connection to the local woods!

Nature Crafts

Gather treasures like leaves, stones or sticks to create fun nature crafts to remind the kids of their woodland trips once they’re back home, or there are even crafts and art activities that you can do while out in the woods. Why not take some paper and crayons with you and make rubbings against the tree bark.

For ideas of crafts to make with your nature finds, check out my recent post on Stick crafts or the Nature Crafts Series which is going on now at Red Ted Art with so many gorgeous crafty ideas.

Have a Storytelling Session

Taking story time to the woods makes it more exciting! You don’t have to be camping out all night in the woods to set up a campfire, or to settle down down for stories or songs. There are lots of stories that take place in the woods, little ones might enjoy listening to traditional stories like Red Riding Hood or Snow White out in the woods, or what about ghost stories around the camp fire for older ones – if they dare!

Bike Ride

Go for a bike or scooter ride and keep active as a family while enjoying the woods.

Search the Woodland Trust site to find the best local woods for all of these activities.

Join the Woodland Trust

When joining the Woodland Trust, kids will get their own membership pack with a nature passport, stickers, and activities and can feel proud that they are contributing towards protecting and preserving the woods in the UK. The Woodland Trust are a charity, so rely on our support to continue with their good work!

woodland trust kids pack

Get even more ideas at the Woodland Trust Blog.

Or click here to find out more about joining the Woodland Trust as a family


Image credit: Path through the woods in summer season Shutterstock (modified). / Post is part of a sponsored campaign with the Woodland Trust

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  1. This is a fantastic post. I’m lucky that I have a country park on my door step and has beautiful woodlands close by too. My husband and I love taking our 1 yr old son there and look forward to when he is older to appreciate it.


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