Scrunched Tissue Cherry Blossom Tree Craft

This scrunched tissue paper cherry blossom craft is a really simple but fun Springtime craft for toddlers or preschoolers to make. It’s a great way to make use of all the sticks and twigs that they have collected during outdoor play and to encourage them to look around at the blossom trees and observe the different signs of the changing seasons.

Scrunched tissue paper blossom tree spring craft for toddlers and preschoolers

To make this cherry blossom craft all you need is:

  • Twigs or sticks picked up during outdoors play
  • Pink and white tissue paper
  • Clear tape, and pva glue
  • Coloured paper for the background

The children can arrange their sticks to make a tree shape on the page, then stick these down using clear tape. It can be hard to get them to stick firmly with glue because of the weight of the sticks so sometimes tape is best for this.

Once the tree design is in place, children can rip little pieces of tissue paper and scrunch them up to make blossom, then stick onto their tree using pva glue (white school glue)

Ripping and scrunching is helpful fine motor practise for little fingers.

ripping and scrunching tissue to make a blossom tree craft


The end result is a pretty cherry blossom tree for Springtime. You could also make this for Chinese New Year.

For another cherry blossom inspired craft, take a look at our Chinese cherry blossom fans.

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