5 Simple Home Improvement Tips That’ll Improve your Life and Save You Money

It may seem like a daunting task to improve your home, but there are a number of simple tips and tricks that you can implement in order to save time, money and frustration.

For most of us, home improvement projects are a way to stamp our personality on our home and add a touch of class to our living spaces. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw the budget to one side, and start ripping things apart.

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There are certain home improvements which will have a bigger impact on your quality of life, and save you money long term so it makes sense to start there. 

From installing a new faucet to defining your living spaces, here are five simple home improvement ideas you can implement right now that’ll improve your life and save you money.

Updating the Bathroom

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Looking to update the tile flooring in your bathroom, but worried about the associated cost? Providing that you choose a suitable waterproof design and use it in the right way, vinyl flooring can be fantastic, easy-to-install alternative. 

Carpet Warehouse, a leading supplier of carpet and vinyl flooring in the UK, offer a flooring visualiser tool so that you can instantly get a view of what a vinyl design might look like in your bathroom once completed

Updating the bathroom tends to be cheaper than remodelling the kitchen, and is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury to your home.

If you’re going to spend your time and money on your house, why not spend it where you start off each morning? Showering in a beautiful bathroom is a great way to get your day off to a positive start. 

The easiest way to get a new look in your bathroom is by changing out the tiles. Tile can really make or break the bathroom. However, carefully choosing your shower is also a really important decision on a practical level. For example, electric showers use a lot of electricity which can be costly, but you need to take your water pressure into consideration to see what will work best. 

Renew the Boiler

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When your boiler goes wrong, it’s an urgent thing to fix. Without it you have no central heating and no hot water, so suddenly boiler installation becomes a top priority.

There are a few things to think about when you need a new boiler, so this Bbright guide is designed to help you get on track, fast.

Once you have installed a new boiler, it is vital to keep up with regular boiler safety checks. That way, your new boiler will stay in the best condition and won’t need replacing for many years, making the initial cost of your new boiler a long term investment.

Refresh the Kitchen Instead of Refitting

updating kitchen renovation

If you’re tired of your old kitchen units, but the layout is working well for you then one of the most popular home renovation life hacks is to change just the kitchen doors, rather than the entire units.

You can also change just the worktop, or update just certain appliances that are no longer working at their most efficient. It’s not always necessary to commit thousands on an entire kitchen refurb in order to improve your day to day experience, and refresh the look.

Add Purposeful Storage

playroom storage baskets Ikea kallax

Storage makes or breaks a home. When you have purposeful and effective storage, your home looks much less cluttered and of course it’s easier to find everything.

Depending on budget, you can have custom built-ins made by a local carpenter or woodwork company or you can find some amazing off the shelf storage solutions in IKEA.

Even a few carefully chosen baskets or storage boxes can have a huge impact on how you enjoy your home, and stay organised. This is money well spent, as you will be able to keep a much better track of your belongings and actually enjoy and use the things that you have.

Redefine your Spaces

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Turn a junk room into a guest room, or carve out a defined office area in your home – even more vital if you are working from home regularly!

We all have spaces in our homes which may not be working for us to their fullest potential, and these are one of the most important things to tap into when improving your home.

If you can declutter, and remove the thing that are no longer serving you then you will create more space for the things that you love and need. This enables the whole house to flow more effectively. You may even spend less time on cleaning, with your belongings streamlined and in the process of creating these updated spaces, you could make extra cash from selling on your unwanted items.

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In conclusion, to kickstart your home improvement project, it’s helpful to ask yourself the question: What am I trying to accomplish? Before you start, have clear goals in mind and stay focused!

Want to live in the home of your dreams? These five tips will help you save money and time in the long run while also improving the quality of your life! We hope it helped!

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5 Simple and cost effective home renovation tips to improve your life and house

Enjoy, and happy renovating!

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