“Should I Snow or Should I Go” Competition

I always think of my ideal holiday as being somewhere warm, with lots to do for the kids plenty of interesting things to see, and of course some great food.

sri lanka beruwela beach

When taking the “Should I Snow or Should I Go” quiz on the Cosmos Facebook page, I was not surprised that I was leaning more towards a holiday in the sun. We have not made it very far on holidays since having children, tending to go on breaks within the UK instead but pre-children our favourite holidays were to Sri Lanka, LA and Egypt. My most disappointing thing was finding out how freezing it is in New York in winter! I still enjoyed my trip there but if I had realised how cold it would be I would probably have just stayed in LA a little longer instead!

For now, my top destinations that I would like to visit and have never been to, would probably be:

  1. Florida (for Disneyland!)
  2. Malaysia
  3. Dubai
  4. Turkey
  5. Morocco

I would love to revisit some of the places we’ve been before too. The picture above is from one of our trips to Sri Lanka and the one below is from Cairo.

egypt cairo

If you take the quiz on the Cosmos Facebook page you will have the chance of winning either a sun holiday in Sharm El Sheikh or snow holiday in Austria!

Which personality did you come up as? Where would be your ideal holiday and what’s your favourite holiday you’ve previously been on? Let me know in the comments


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20 thoughts on ““Should I Snow or Should I Go” Competition”

  1. my result of the test
    You’re a Go personality! You scored 71.43% Sun

    “I prefer the sun but I do like Christmas in a winter wonderland!”

    honestly? I love snow! and hate heat πŸ™‚ I think I need to take the test again πŸ˜€

  2. I got the Sun. I was lucky to go to Morocco in October (youre no 5). Got to say we had a fantastic time with a trip through the Atlas Mountains, Riding camels in the Desert and donkey rides in the village. Amazing places, amazing memories and definitely would love to go again. Only thing I found kind of strange was in the small villages people wanted paid for taking photographs even scenery. Very poor country so I suppose it isn’t surprising. Stand still too long, even in the middle of nowhere and you can guarantee somebody will appear and try to sell you something. We loved it.

  3. You’re a Go personality! You scored 85.71% Sun

    “I like to feel my toes, so I prefer to worship the sun.”

    Love the sun, my fave destination is the beautiful island of Majorca, love the culture and of course the beach.

  4. You’re a Go personality! You scored 100% Sun
    We love to go to La pineda near salou in spain, we have been a few times and tuck our granddaughter for the first time last year and she loved it.
    we have always wanted to go to florida , maybe we will save it to go one day πŸ™‚

  5. I am a Sun personality….My favourite holiday to date has been Northern Italy – Bologna……I really want to visit Thailand, but haven’t made plans for travel yet!!

  6. I am a Sun personality πŸ™‚ My ideal holiday would be one in a city so I could explore and experience the different culture but also one with good transport links so I could visit other areas as well as places that are rural and the beach, to get a bit of everything really. My favourite holiday so far has to be when I went to Toronto, Canada. There was so much to see and do, it was such a great place to see πŸ™‚


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