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It’s Twinkl’s 4th birthday! To mark the occasion, I’m giving away one premium subscription here on the blog. I’m happy to say this is open worldwide so all of you can get involved! For anyone who is not yet familiar with Twinkl, it’s a really useful website with printable educational resources and worksheets for early years and the primary school years.

twinkl logoWe have had a Twinkl premium account for quite a while now and you can see my post about it from last year. I started off using the worksheets mostly for Mr Z but now Mr T and Mr R are also progressing with their mark marking and they love to have a go with some of the worksheets. Twinkl is so handy due to the sheer volume of resources and worksheets all in one place, so it’s a great time saver.

twinkl resources premium giveaway

With a Twinkl premium subscription you have unlimited access to all of the resources, to print and use as many times as you like. You can sort them by age and stage, or by topic or learning area. There are also always plenty of seasonal resources which are great! At the moment you might want to try out the Spring or Easter resources. Even smaller festivals like Pancake Day are included!

Twinkl also have a phonics suite app on iPad which I reviewed in my post on helping your child with their reading and hopefully a giveaway will be coming up for this app a little later on.

For your chance to win a premium subscription, enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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Check out the Twinkl Facebook page for more giveaways and birthday events.

As it’s Twinkl’s birthday week, many other parenting blogs are also holding a giveaway for a premium subscription so if you want the best chance why not enter on a couple of other blogs too.


42 thoughts on “Twinkl Premium Subscription Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t used Twinkl, but it looks great with lots of activites etc, it would be a great resource for my 2 kids to help with school work and also fun while learning

  2. I haven’t tried it before, in fact I’ve never heard of Twinkl before so would love to give it a go with my twins 🙂

  3. I have used the occasional free resource but would be able to do so much more with my girls with the subscription

  4. Have tried free resources and they are great . Use them in my job as SEN teacher – clear visuals on all resources are perfect for my students

  5. I haven’t tried twinkl before, but I would love to get started with it. Although home schooling is not allowed in the country we live in I will be working with my son at home. We live abroad and I am a native speaker of English. I want to do every thing possible to make sure my son learns English as well as a native speaker. Right now my biggest focus is on Literacy. I hope to work with him in every subject to give him a large vocabulary. I also love doing sensory work with him and we love playing games. I wont have the time to prepare every thing myself as I will be studying full time to become a teacher. Maybe I will even find twinkl to be helpful as a teacher. I would be very greatful and excited to win this give-away. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. I haven’t tried twinkl before but I would love to help my daughter develop herself and this would give me that chance. Xxx

  7. my son is nearly 2 and doing really well with words and letters so i want to try and help him as much as i can before he goes to school

  8. I havent tried Twinkle before but after reading this review I have had a look and it looks fab. I have twin boys who are learning to read, one of which has just been diagnosed with a micro deletion on a chromosone Twinkle would help him overcome his schooling difficulties so he could keep up with his peers. It would also mean I can get the resources to help him at home. Thanks for the review even if I dont win I shall be subscribing,

  9. ive only recently heard about it!

    i would like to try it but i have found most educational resources online are from 5 plus mainly when school becomes compulsory in year 1. my son is in reception now and although hes only going to be 5 in august is his very advanced in his reading, speaking and writing/spelling. i would like some resources to encourage him in maths though he is getting there now. i will consider a twinkl purchase when he starts year 1 in sepember i think


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