Project 52: 9

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For this weeks Project 52 I have one portrait of each boy.

Mr Z

project 52 mr z


Mr R

project 52 mr r

Mr T

project 52 mr t chepstow castle

The first two portraits were done at home, but Mr T’s is at Chepstow Castle and this is why I’m a couple of days late with the Project 52 post this week – we’ve been away! I’ll have a full post about our trip next week, with lots more pictures of the castle.

I have been enjoying playing with my new camera this week, although being busy at usual I haven’t had much chance to explore all the different settings yet.

Have a look at my #CountryKids post for this week too for some more photographs all taken in the garden. I still have a lot to learn but it’s a definite improvement from some of my previous ones. This weeks topic on the Better Photo Project over at Love All Blogs is about planning your shot, and that is definitely one of my aims to keep that in mind a bit more – especially with product photographs, I think I will be experimenting with this this week!


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