A Timeless Way to Update Your Home Decor

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By Luciana Oliveira

We love home decor! Anna and I used lockdown and made some little improvements in our house and we love it. We are always sharing with you ideas that range from furniture to room conversions to give you some inspiration. In this post we will share with you some more ideas to easily revamp your home.

I consider myself a minimalist. I try and keep not only furniture but also decoration item to an absolute minimum. I also do not keep anything in my house that are not appealing to my eyes. I don’t even care if I can replace it straight away. If I don’t like it I get rid of it. Even things that people give me. I may sound a bit cold hearted but if I don’t like looking at it next time you visit me you will not see it anymore.

One of the things I love changing are curtains and the matching tiebacks. I love the range of options and all the patterns available but I have to admit that lately I feel overwhelmed. As a typical Libra I struggle to make decisions. Yes, I am blaming it on my star sign. I remembering walking into one of the biggest curtain sellers in the UK one day and walking out almost immediately because I could not handle the amount of choices they offered. And somehow none of them excited me. I still needed to find a solution for my curtain issue because I was getting close to ripping all of them off the walls and living in a house with no curtains.

Then I came across shutters. I was sold. All the options I’ve seen look classy, modern and timeless. When I visited The Shutter Store website I knew I finally found a solution to my curtain drama. First of all their website is incredible. It’s so easy to find your way around and it screams sophistication. But as you all know our main priority is how easy is to navigate and their website is very much user friendly.

The Shutter Store offer a new shutter installation service where their experts come and check the measurements and fit them themselves. It’s still cheaper than competitor’s installation services even though it’s not their standard DIY option, with savings of around 40%. Discuss the benefits of choosing to get them to install them, and how they’re made-to-measure for each customer, with a range of timeless and popular styles, colours and materials. Speaking of windows, you can also look into secondary glazing for sash windows – not only does this glazing add another layer of protection, but it is also noise reducing, which the neighbours will love you for! The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you cand decorate and improve your home, so be sure to take a step back and evaluate what’s most important to you

I hope this post inspired you to try something new and innovative for your next home improvement. I am very excited to explore their website and find the perfect shutters for my home.

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