Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring the Answer?

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By Luciana Oliveira

Luxury vinyl flooring draws a lot of buzz from many industry professionals as well as homeowners looking to bring their homes something a little more durable.But what is it about luxury vinyl flooring that seems to attract so much attention from so many?


For many of us, design plays a very important factor because we style our homes to our liking, and some things we like such as hardwood or stone flooring can be very expensive to fit out an entire room or floor. Where luxury vinyl wins in this area is that it is a high-quality design that brings a stunningly replicated look, all at a fraction of those expensive real alternative prices. This has made it not only popular for the home, but also a top recommendation for commercial premises also.


Some of the hardest decisions involved around vinyl flooring are in the sheer wealth of its ranges to choose between, which all result in the best choices for every kind of room and decor. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is among the most popular ranges for those looking for flooring that provides a hassle-free fitting and is renowned for not settling for boring dull tones.

Quickstep luxury vinyl has innovation in joint locking systems and offers a selection that can be laid easily and rapidly within a single day. It is great for those loving their bit of DIY around the house. Like all vinyl flooring technologies are providing easy maintenance, so even if you hate cleaning you will find it won’t be a drawn-out affair.


Simple regular vacuuming and mopping save as much money as time in keeping an Invictus floor clean. Eliminating the requirement of expensive polishes and cleaning solutions to tackle stains and scratches is the reason why all vinyl flooring works so well. Anti-scratch and stain guards, plus a high slip resistance provides safety for your young and elderly, as well as those fur babies.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is among the most durable flooring that does not succumb to wear and tear. Built with a heavy-duty wear layer, it provides maximum protection towards moisture and raising the temperature to ensure nothing comes unstuck or unplaced. Also, if it’s a quiet floor you desire in certain parts of the house, vinyl is a great insulator to deaden all loud noises. 

Most luxury vinyl flooring brands offer maximum satisfaction to their customers and a warranty that is among the highest in the market for flooring, giving assurance in the selection of vinyl flooring being among the best money can buy for home or work. No matter what you choose from luxury vinyl tile flooring, you will have a specifically designed durable floor from some of the leading artists in the field.

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