Hidden Pearls Eid Gifts

Ramadan has nearly left us, just as quickly as it came upon us. During this special month, and the Eid that follows, there’s a great opportunity to get our kids excited about Islam. We can tap into that excitement by helping them learn more in a fun way.

We were sent an Eid Gift Box from Hidden Pearls, which is a lovely surprise for any child, during Ramadan or at Eid. The girls box contains several books, along with a beautiful little hijab and some yummy Halal sweets. There are also boys gift boxes on the site, and a variety of different options so it is worth having a proper browse.

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Bakerdays Cake for Eid

This week we’ve been celebrating Eid Al Adha, one of the two Eids in the Muslim calendar, which marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage. Eid is always a time to enjoy spending with family, and as far as my kids are concerned it’s always a time for lots of treats! I was really impressed to see the wide range of Eid cakes over on the baker days website, including personalised cupcakes and cakes in a choice of sizes and flavours. It makes me happy to see our holidays and celebrations being catered for, as it wasn’t always this easy to find such things readily available.

The Bakerdays Eid cakes have such lovely designs, and our cake arrived really quickly. I selected a beautiful turquoise floral design in a lemon drizzle flavour.

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Eid Al Adha and Hajj Crafts for Kids

The month of Dhul Hijja is here, with those fortunate ones heading off for Hajj and those of us at home looking forward to Eid al Adha which is soon approaching. I’ve put together a collection of simple Eid al Adha and Hajj ideas to do with the kids, to help learn about the significance of Hajj and this special month.

Kaba Crafts

Click the links below the collage to get the full details for each project

kaba crafts for kids to learn about hajj and celebrate eid al adha

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30 Days of Good Deeds for a Ramadan Jar

Ramadan is on it’s way and I have shared our Ramadan Jar craft over at Multicultural Kid Bloggers to launch our collaborative Ramadan series. A Ramadan jar is a simple Ramadan activity for kids that you can use to hold slips of paper and pick one out each day. One idea is for the slips of paper to contain a good deed to do for the day, another way to use them would be to write a short ayah or hadith on each paper as a reflection for the day, or you can use them to pick out a fun Ramadan craft or activity to do with the children that day.

Today I’m going to share a list of good deed ideas that you can print to cut out and fill up your Ramadan jar. The concept is pretty similar to a jar full of small acts of kindness, so if you are not Muslim and don’t celebrate Ramadan you could adjust this idea to fit your own family better.

30 days of Good Deeds for a Ramadan Jar

30 days of good deeds for kids. Acts of kindness and worship for Muslim children this Ramadan. Free printables to use with a Ramadan jar


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Learning about Women in Islamic History : Asiya Bint Muzahim

We’re joining in with the Women’s History Month series hosted by Multicultural Kids Blog. There are so many strong and respected Muslim women throughout history, from the time of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa salam and after him but for today’s post I have chosen a woman who’s story is mentioned in Quran, from the time of Prophet Musa (Moses) alayhi salam – Her name is Asiya Bint Muzahim.

The stories of women in Islamic history are important personalities for my children to learn about as Muslims, especially in today’s social climate where there are a lot of misconceptions about Islam and the value of women. It’s good to know and love the stories of strong women in our history and to be proud of those amazing women who’s stories have been preserved in our Book and in our traditions.



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How Big Is Allah : Children’s Book

How big is Allah? This type of question can be difficult for adults to understand and answer, let alone young children who are just starting to understand the concept of God.

This Islamic children’s book by Emma Apple of Muslima’s Oasis deals with this question by getting children to reflect on the enormity and vastness of Allah’s creation – focusing on the entire universe.


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Practising the Arabic Alphabet with Plasticine

We’re still working on the Arabic alphabet with Mr Z and I’m always looking for playful ways to reinforce his learning. Since we have some Arabic alphabet books with shiny wipe clean pages, they also work great as playdough mats and I decided to give him some plasticine to work on shaping the letter and matching them up to the letters in the book. This will also work fine with any type of playdough but we used plasticine as we had plenty on hand in the cupboard.

practising the Arabic alphabet with plasticine / playdough for tactile kinesthetic learning


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Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers. I hope you all have a great day! We’ll be busy spending time with family, enjoying our Eid presents and of course eating! …

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