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It’s that time again when my friends and I from the Kids Craft Stars get together to share our crafts on a set theme for the month. This month we chose CD crafts and I really love all the ideas that everyone has come up with – SO creative!

CDs are a great material for craft and kids activities since they have such a distinctive cool shiny texture, and their round shape makes them perfect for spinning crafts too. We decided to do something a little different and smash up our old CDs to make a mosaic.

CD Mosaic moon paper plate craft. Works as a Ramadan decoration or activity with the crescent moon

We chose to make a moon design, since the shiny CD texture would make it shine like moonlight, and to use as a Ramadan decoration since Ramadan will be here tomorrow!

We made our mosaic on a paper plate. To make one like this, you will need:

  • 1 Paper plate
  • 2 Spare CDs (we use CDRs that have been damaged, CDs that are too scratched to play, or unwanted marketing / promotional CDs)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Sharpie or any marker pen / felt tip
  • (Optional) loose glitter and/or glitter glue to decorate

How to make a CD mosaic

We chose two CDs that had different colours. You might notice when looking through your old CDs that some are more silver, some have a purple tone, some are blue-ish and some are a little bit green. That variety is great for mosaics!


To cut the CDs, we used kitchen scissors. They can be quite tough to cut and for young children, an adult will definitely need to handle this step because they can be quite sharp.


Once you have all the pieces, draw your outline onto the paper plate and you’re ready to fill in your mosaic picture.


We used double sided tape to stick down all the CD pieces. You need something strong enough to hold them well since they are heavier than what you might usually stick onto your paper plates. Applying the tape to the plate and then sticking the CD fragments down on to the plate is easier than applying the tape to the CD.


Once you’ve filled in the whole space, you could either cut out the moon and hang it up which I think could look great, or decorate the rest of the plate before hanging it up.

We decorated with loose glitter and glitter glue to make it really sparkly.


Attach some wool with duct tape on to the back of the plate so that it’s very firmly attached and will hang up well. With sellotape, it’s likely to fall because of the weight of the CD.

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