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We’re looking forward to the new Minions movie (we will be watching it at a preview screening very soon – yay! And will tell you all about it as soon as we can). When the children enjoy new movies it’s always nice to link that enthusiasm in with toys at home, so the Minions 4 in a box puzzles have been a great addition to their puzzle shelf.

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We were sent the Minions 4 in a Box puzzle set* for review and it contains 4 simple puzzles which are great for younger children of 3 years and upwards, with the set being varied in difficulty from the easy 12 piece puzzle, to 16, 20 and eventually 24 pieces.

My boys have always enjoyed this style of 4 in a box puzzle sets from Ravensburger and R (3) managed the first three puzzles by himself quite quickly and had just a little help with the biggest one.

minion puzzlesThese are the easiest two puzzles in the box, as you can see they are not too daunting for children of this age, and R loved the bright interesting pictures.

I was really pleased to see the variety in pictures. Considering Minions are very very yellow, they have managed to include lots of other colours in all of the images and keep it very interesting with lots to talk about.

The puzzle set has

  • Hawaiian style minions
  • Cave man style minions with fire
  • Pirate minion eating a sword
  • Ancient Egyptian style minions

R loved the Minion eating a sword since he thought that was pretty funny

minion puzzlesWe will have to watch the movie and see whether these style of minions do turn up within the movie.

This set of puzzles is available for RRP 5.99 from Amazon* and other toy shops, and as with all Ravensburger puzzles the quality is good. The pieces are nice and strong and fit together well.

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