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This Fabric Scrap Flower Collage is from our Contributor Nicola of Crafty Kids At Home

Recycle your fabric scraps into a beautiful Spring Flower Collage.

I would love to say that I am a sewer, but to be honest I am more of a “wannabe sewer”. I have the sewing machine, the extensive sewing kit, a stack of books and magazines on the subject and a pile of half completed projects (oh and lots of bunting, bunting is very easy to make). Plus lots of fabric off cuts that are too small be used to turn into anything useful.

use fabric scraps to make a flower collage, great collaborative art projects for kids - they can decorate a petal each then put them all together to make the final display

Creating a collage with your kids is the perfect way to use up any fabric scraps that you may have and this is exactly what we did with a few of mine. I set the kids on crafting a giant flower together whilst I watched on and day dreamed about my next attempt at a sewing project (Easter bunting?).

Ahead of the Activity

I cut a pile of my light coloured fabric scraps into small squares , just leaving a few strips for my eldest son to cut up with my fabric scissors (it’s not a good idea to use paper scissors on fabric as this will make them blunt).

supplies for a fabric scrap flower collage

I also cut out large petal shapes from different shades of Spring pastel coloured paper.

Making a Fabric Scrap Flower Collage

Encouraging siblings to work together on a collage is a great way to work to strengthen their bond and increase their respect for each other’s work. It might not always run smoothly, but then this is all part of learning to work as part of a team as well. The sense of achievement as the end as they proudly show off their results together gives their individual self esteem a big boost.

making a collaborative flower collage

My kids worked together pretty well on this particular activity (after encouraging Little Miss B to bring the materials back onto the table after she sneaked down onto the floor with them). They each choose a couple of petals to work on and choose a handful of scraps to work with.

flower petal collage

The boys got very creative making faces and patterns with their fabric scraps and their little sister had fun bossing me around (she didn’t want to get glue on her fingers, so I had to glue her pieces before she stuck them on).

When it all came together we had a lovely giant flower to brighten up our kitchen wall.

colourful flower collage for toddlers

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