Sweet Shop Pancakes for Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day! Since it’s Pancake Day, I made some pancakes with the boys as we do every year. Instead of the traditional lemon and sugar topping, I thought it would be fun to make a sweet shop theme and put different sweet toppings in bowls for the boys to sprinkle over their pancakes themselves, to decorate however they like.

Sweet shop pancakes for kids to make. These fun pancake treats work well for pancake day, Valentines day or all year round

To make the pancakes, I used a simple recipe from The Brick Castle for which you will need:

175g Plain Flour
2 Free Range Eggs
300ml Milk
150ml Water
Pinch of Salt

Click through to The Brick Castle blog above if you need the method, Jenny explains it very well in a step by step guide.

The boys love to help out and were eager to weigh out the ingredients

making pancakes for pancake day

and to mix

mixing pancakes for pancake day

It was lovely to see Mr Z and Mr T working together as a team.

pancake mixing pancake day

They mixed all the pancake batter for me, and then came time to cook the pancakes. I am not particularly good at flipping pancakes. I always worry that I will miss when flipping them up in the air and they land on the floor! So this year, I have tried out a pancake turner from Oxo instead. This worked really well for me, and allowed me to turn the pancakes so easily without any fuss.

oxo good grips pancake turner pancake day

The turner is a simple device (you can see Mr T holding it here!) but it made my pancake making quite a bit easier.Β  Oxo Good Grips also do a batter dispenser which you can see in The Brick Castle post linked above, and I quite fancy one of these too to make sure every portion of batter is the same so each pancake will be the same size and equal thickness.

pancake day

Earlier in that day we had a lovely delivery from Cake Angels with all sorts of exciting bits to decorate cakes

cake angels cake decorations

A pancake is kind of a cake right…it does have cake in the name! Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get these out and use them so that’s why our sweet shop theme came from. The boys love nutella or chocolate spread on their pancakes, so I thought we can spread that and then they can sprinkle whatever they like on top. I set out a few of these different toppings in bowls and let them get creative with them.

sweet and sprinkles pancake toppings for pancake day

It was lots of fun!

sweet pancakes pancake day

What toppings will you be having on your pancakes this year?

The pancake turner and Cake Angels toppings are Pr samples

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  1. My fav is definitely the classic lemon and sugar. Don’t fancy the sweets at all, or at least not on a pancake. Maybe I am just too old for that πŸ˜‰ Love Meem modeling the pancake flipper holding it out like he is on qvc :p

  2. What a cute idea and a special treat! Totally going to have to do this with my little guy when he gets older πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up at the MaMade Blog Hop!
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